Thursday, November 25, 2010

Roll Up, Roll Up..

Before I get to the jist of this post - I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving (US folks), and had time to reflect on the past year. We spent the afternoon with our friends - Noah and Stacey, their sweet children, their respective families and a few of their friends too. It was lovely, and they went far beyond catering for our vegan tastes - the food & beer & coffee were fantastic. Everybody around the table had the chance to reflect on what they were thankful for - and it was a whole array of personal reflections and thoughts. It was our first 'real' Thanksgiving after nine years, and it was the time to celebrate for our little American born kid...which brings me to the point of the post.

Rafi since starting walking in mid-August, has quickly taken on the roles of part explorer, part acrobat, part stunt person - all usually within the same five minutes, which also makes our anxiety levels peak quite alarmingly! So when Rafi puts his mind and energy into scaling the next obstacle in his way - he will keep doing it until he gets over or through it - regardless of how many falls and head bumps it takes. First was getting on the sofa, which was accomplished and then repeated 20 odd times a day. Next was scaling a plastic chair at a vegan meet-up, much to his obvious pleasure. The big trick that Rafi has mastered though is clambering over the side of the sofa from the other side - which means getting on a small box and then with a lot of grasping, rocking, groaning as he reaches the crucial tipping point that thrusts him into the inner chair - landing on his head, which depending on his energy level can mean he'll be stuck like that for a few seconds or up to 10-15 seconds before he rights himself, lowers himself to the floor and goes around to do it again. He may repeat this 10-15 times before the attraction wears off for the day. One time - the momentum was so great he rolled straight over the chair and landed flat on feet without missing a beat!

It's so heart-warming despite the odd mishap/head bang to see Rafi exploring his home, opening doors and cupboards - or feeding the dogs his chips - with so much glee on his face. Next will be the garden, o'boy - time for some fencing perhaps...


  1. <3 darling. So glad to hear your first TG was such a success!


  2. Nice post, Rich! He is such a dare-devil! My worry is when he tries to dive off of the couch... eek!