Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunny Afternoon

I've mentioned before that Raf is incredibly shy when we're out in public... As I write that I'm wondering, actually, if it's shyness or just reservedness. Rich and I have our very introverted sides so it's not a huge surprise, though Raf is so gregarious when he's home, so who knows whether this is just social-shyness that he'll grow out off, or whether it's a more substantial and enduring part of who he is.

I so often wonder about these questions, because he's such a lovely chap and yet I want to know, sometimes intensely, what he'll be like when he's older. I wonder about our future relationship, I wonder what he'll want to do with his life, where he'll live, who he'll date, whether he'll have a wife or a husband or none at all, whether he'll have children, hobbies, and on, and on. So much potential... so much open to him.

Right now, though, Raf is heading into the terrific twos - and he is so much fun. I have been feeling pretty burnt out at work lately so today I sort of gave myself the day off, knowing I'd be at work tomorrow for an Open House, and knowing that I would be spending the remaining weekend hours working on a conference paper, So I spent the day with Raf - and lucky for us the weather was beautiful. 60 degrees, SUNNY, In Maine in November. It's such a treat. We went for a walk with the pups this morning... I usually wear Raf on my back so I have free hands for the pups, but I was hoping Raf would nap in his stroller and attempted to take the stroller and two crazy dogs for a 2 mile ramble. We all survived, though no sleep for Raf.

This afternoon we went to the park and met Rich there after work. This is where Raf's shyness and reservedness really manifests. I took him out the car and he stood there, smiling, observing intently, taking everything in - from the sidelines.

He soon got into the swing of things... though he was definitely more interested in watching others even when he was on the swing.

Little monkey :)

Eyeing the slide...

On the slide..

And back to the swings...

Getting used to the ducks.. he was a wee bit apprehensive as the ducks were so tame and coming close, but he soon got used to them.

Yesterday afternoon, after work, I took Raf to a little field near our house, and he had a fun old time running laps up and down a little grassy hill.


  1. Super cute pictures :) Rafi is such a handsome boy!!!

  2. soooo adorable alex :)
    what a little treasure Raf is.
    i can only imagine the questions that would run through your mind, lucky for the three of you, you have all the time in the world to step through the journey together. Xx

  3. What a sweet post, Alex! It's so neat how kids Raf's age are amused by the simplest things. How wonderful that he's got such loving parents to show it all to him.

    Sage was the same way: observing for a long time, reserving judgment about things.

    Raf is such an adorable little guy!

    p.s. I'm also glad you took a day off. :-)

  4. so utterly adorable!

    benjamin was the same - observing, watching etc. i think it is a sign of high intelligence ;)

    kate xx

  5. I think he should take a trip to Boston. And then can get experience meeting some other new people (Me!). And I'll hug him and love on him...

    He's so cute! I think reserving judgment is a sign of superior intelligence too (heaven knows I still do it---so that's what I'm telling myself!).

  6. Kate, I think that it's a sign of very high intelligence, too!!

    SH - I would love to come down to Boston to have a play-date. Are you around most of the holidays?! And I definitely agree with your judgment :)