Monday, November 1, 2010


Last Halloween we dressed up Raf as a pumpkin and a dinosaur. We didn't brave trick or treating but we had fun dressing up a helpless little baby in very sweet outfits. We only have a couple of years to do this, before Raf gets it into his mind that he wants to dress up as a policeman, or some such non-animal character. This year Raf as a little cow. We began the day - Raf in his outfit - doing a Pumpkin 10k. We's agreed to take it in turns pushing the stroller but, sadly, after 3 miles Rich took completely over as I thought I might have a heart attack keeping up AND pushing! It was pretty chilly and windy but it was great to be out there, and our friend Noah and his little girl Rosa were also running, with his wife Stacey and new 3 week old son cheering on the sidelines. We finished in about 49 minutes, which we were happy with. Noah and Rosa were just in front of us.

We darted home, had lunch, made something for dinner to take to our friends and then we went back out again to spend the afternoon and evening with Noah and Stacey and some of their friends. They live in a really nice neighbourhood and it was perfect for Raf's first trick or treating. In fact, it was MY first time trick or treating.

Raf is INCREDIBLY shy when he's out of his comfort zone and around other people he doesn't know too well. The two little girls there - almost 2 years old - were so feisty and spirited and in contrast the boys Raf and Henry (19 months) were much more cautious and reserved. It's such a different Raf, though, as he barely says or utters a word. Still, I think he had a good time, and I do think it's good for him to interact with other little ones.

Cora, Rosa, Nico (the little bundle dressed as a banana), Henry, Rafi

Raf's first trick or treat.

I should add here that he's not actually sucking on the candy.. it had its wrapper on! I did take it away, though, and he was not happy one bit about it.


  1. What a cute little cow! Those pix are precious. It sounds like you all had a great day!

  2. How absolutely adorable! They're all cute, but Raf is the cutest!

  3. What a wonderful day - running with our sleepy cow-boy in the morning and then going trick or treating with him and his colourful cohorts in the evening! I wonder what will happen to those lollipops/sweets, given Rafi's young age!!