Thursday, November 11, 2010

sleepy boy

Tonight Rich and I went out on a date night. It was impromptu because even though our nanny was coming this evening, we were planning on doing some work, but instead we went to the cinema! It was a great night. We saw a very moving film and I cried a LOT! I really do react much more emotionally these days...

When we returned home at 9pm Raf was still up. This wasn't a huge surprise. But Jess told us how Raf walked to the stairs' door, opened it, blew kisses goodnight, and tried to go upstairs. Of course, once upstairs, he wouldn't go to sleep :)

But the sleepy boy was asleep within 2 minutes of our returning and, for the first time EVER, went straight into his crib.

I have so many posts about sleep to write, but I thought I'd start with a happy story first!