Friday, November 26, 2010

Raf's Thanksgiving List

Rich and I have a joint list of thanksgiving blessings brewing - as well as a post about our lovely Thanksgiving day with Noah, Stacey, their two sweet little ones and their friends and family. But I was wondering today what Raf might be grateful for - should he of course be able to think about it and express it. In lieu of Raf's actual thoughts I'm going to imagine what I think he might be grateful for :)

1) Mama's milk
2) sleeping next to/on top of other warm bodies in mama and papa's bed
3) Peppa Pig
4) Cupboards without childproof locks - especially when they contain packs of sugar to tip all over the floor
5) The pups to chase, torment, watch, laugh at/with - especially walking them on their leads
6) Daiya (vegan) cheese - which he sucks off anything that its been melted on
7) Chairs/tables/baskets/anything that can be used to climb on
8) Comfy carseat and Music TogetherCD when sleepy and wanting a nap
9) Large green expanses to run laps on
10 Snapeas to both eat and feed the dogs with
11) Endless games of 'where's mama?'
12) The kitchen aisle to run around, be chased, to chase, and more.
13) Daddy's hoody strings to shake daddy's head around.
14) The word 'NO" and a firm shake of the head
15) A patient kitty to pat and love on
16) The bell hanging from the kitchen door to ring, ring, ring, ring, ring.
17) loud, plastic, colourful toys
18) Being thrown in the air and, mostly, being caught
19) Little legs to run, run, run...
20) Hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, seeing this world which just keeps getting larger and larger.


  1. A perfect summary of Raf's pursuits - subject to change of course! xx