Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Firsts: Smiling

Rafi is eight weeks today! Last night he slept for close to eight hours, which was a lovely thing. I awoke to him, though, taking up almost the entire bed. His head was by Rich and his feet, lying traverse, were by me. It was incredibly sweet. I have to admit that co-sleeping is one of my favourite things.

Another favourite is when Rafi smiles. He has been doing gassy smiles in his sleep for a long while, but he had his first 'social smile' a couple of weeks ago. On August 15th, around 10:30am, we were picking out photos from our newborn photo session when he formed a sweet, sweet smile as he looked at Rich. Since then the smiling has been sporadic, though he loves to smile at new faces. Lately the smiling has increased and today I managed to capture a grin during tummy time, The quality isn't wonderful as I took it on my blackberry, but it's a lovely image, nonetheless!


  1. that's a wicked smile! So glad he slept so long. I think i would love co-sleeping, too, except for when it kept me awake!

    i love you hon
    louisa x

  2. What a gorgeous smile he has!
    Here's to long stretches of sleep for many days (ok, years) to come :)
    (nice username, lou! xo)

  3. What a cutie! How wonderful he's smiling now. I'm sure he's a happy boy.

    It is so cute when they move all around the bed and take up way more than their share of room. I know it causes us some inconvenience but I still never tire of it!

    Miss you and hope you all are well. We're finally home so maybe we can see you soon.


  4. Love the new sign in, Lou. It reminds me of being in London for one new year's eve when we very drunkenly saw in the new year listening to the Artful Dodger!

    I absolutely love co-sleeping, even though he does keep us (well, me!) awake. I think that I'd be more awake if he wasn't in the bed, though. So, in retrospect our very expensive moses basket and crib are probably redundant, but that;s okay. I have to say that I didn't think that I would be a huge fan of co-sleeping in practice, but I cant think of anything nicer. Yesterday I was falling asleep in the afternoon and Raf and I curled up on the bed for a nap.. Pure bliss.

    Doesn't he have a sweet smile? He's treating us to it more and more. Yesterday when Rich was holding him, I came over and he broke out in the biggest grin. I can't even express how it made me feel. This is such a special time. Also, did you note what he's wearing in this pic? Yes, one of the little outfits you sent :) Im going to dress him in his new shorts and t-shirt when we head to the lake this week :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Fia! This is such a lovely moment and I'm glad I eventually was able to snap a pic. He was smiling at Ren on Monday! Jeepers, woman, when are we going to get you two to meet!!

    So glad you're back, Jen. How was the retreat? I took Raf into work last week and he was quite a star. I actually have to meet next week with Art and others about something and of course Raf has to come with me!... I hope at least I can catch you on campus if you;re too busy this week. BUT I'd love to see you. Rich is taking Friday off and i'm not sure what we're doing, but I'm certain that it'll involve at least a few trips to Portland. I know I have a Dr appointment on friday.

    I think ahead about co-sleeping, and I honestly can't imagine wanting to stop. We have talked about when (or if) we have more children and how we'd have to think about moving raf before the new little one's arrival... but until then I am very happy with the arrangement (though thank God for a king sized bed!!).

    Love, A

  5. oh the smiles are the best aren't they? just wait til he starts to giggle!

    i'm so pleased the co-sleeping is working for you. my friend & husband slept with three children in their bed so i don't think rafi will need to leave when a new one comes!

  6. AW!

    I just came to check in and see how you are doing...

    I made a blog for The Arbours and chose that as my screen name as Aly used to call me that for my key-stealing skills and general ability to swipe stuff (and gissip/information I shouldn't be privvy to!) without being caught. It seems to have become my username for both blogs...hermeneut has packed back up!

    love you x
    ps hi fi!!!

  7. Hiya, we've been busy bees!! Just put up a quick update.. and Lou, there's a pic or two with a couple of the outfits you bought him :)