Thursday, September 10, 2009

fussy days

This past 24 hours has been really hard. Raf won't be put down, he's very fussy, and every chore I've tried to run has ended without it being done, I ate cereal for dinner and have piles of laundry everywhere waiting to be sorted out. Rich was out all day and evening, and while he was up with Raf a bit in the night he's out until quite late today. I was clock-watching most of yesterday, willing Rich to come home. I missed the exercise class that I'd been looking to this morning (in fact thoughts of the 5:30am group power class had helped me get through the worst of Raf's witching hour yesterday) and I'm a bit anxious about how today will progress. I know this won't last forever but, geesh, today may feel like forever.

It's moments like this when the idiom 'it takes a village to raise a child' makes a lot of sense.

Oh goodness, it's only 7am.


  1. Oh, Alex! I'm so sorry! You're so right about the village thing. And boy do I wish I could drive right over there and take over for a while, instead of driving down to Biddeford to teach a class!

    And I wish I could bring you some dinner, too! Cereal!

    None of this helps you, but it makes me feel better to tell you. ;-)

    It is so true that life with an infant/small child defies logic: on the one hand, time seems to slow down alarmingly while you're home alone all day (or up all night) with the babe. And then your head pops up one morning to realize that months, years have zipped by almost without your noticing!

    Hang in there and sorry for the tough times.

  2. Oh Alex, this too shall pass.

    You know that logically it WILL get better but it really doesn't feel like it at the time.

    You've had a sucky day, so the next one has to be better, right? Grit those teeth, think positive thoughts and soldier on.

    Oh, and stuff the laundry! xx

  3. Thanks Jen and Alice,

    the morning has been pretty nice. Rich has been checking in offering to come home so I can get out on my bike, and even offered to book a massage. Raf and I got out for a nice walk, too, which didn't involve a meltdown. We snuggled on the couch and then had a nice smiley time :) I also readjusted my attitude in the late summer sunshine.

    Raf is so adorable so poor old Rich bears the brunt of my frustration. sorry, Richie!

  4. Oh, I remember the days of cereal for dinner -- and being so relieved to actually be eating dinner!

    And I remember one day in desperation calling my friend Eleanor and asking her to spell me just for an hour so I could take a nap. She rushed right over and walked Sage around the block a number of times.

    Sure wish you lived closer and we now could do the same.

  5. oh boy, much sympathy from me, darling...glad things were looking up later on x