Monday, February 9, 2009

Results and Guess the Sex :)

Woo hoo... after an entire week the nurse called me today to let me know the quad screen results.

For neural tube defects we have a 1/1500 chance (a positive test is anything from 1/100) so a strong negative. The results for downs and trisomy 18: 1/10,000!! A really, really strong negative (1/200) is a positive.

It was quite a relief.

A week from Wednesday we have our big scan. I'm looking forward to it much more now.

Who wants to guess the sex?


  1. girl! i think it's a girl!

    so, so, so glad all is well.

  2. Im going with a girl too they tend to make you sick longer..think pink!!!:)
    love, tara

  3. oh! so delighted that all is going smoothly! what a relief! :)

    Girl. I'm pretty sure. :)

    Sarah Hope

  4. I'm guessing girl, too. ;-)

    So glad to hear those wonderful test results!

  5. Shutup I'm totally guessing a BOY. But mostly because since I have one, I feel like everybody else should, too! Tellmetellmetellme!!!

    (SO HAPPY that you got negative results.)

    PS Sending you an email today.


  6. That is wonderful news!!! As for the sex I guessed recently that both my sisters were having boys and they both had girls. I am the worst ever guesser . . . but I'm an excellent baby-spoiler and I am so happy that you all got good negative news. xoxo

  7. great news! I think it's either a boy or a girl!

  8. Thanks, folks :) I am just certain it's a girl. Brie, AS SOON as I know I will post about it (Ill text you from the u/s place :) )

    The scan is for next Wed.. and we're preparing for the words 'it's a boy', We just don't have a single boy's name that we really like, though. Keep them coming to us.

    I asked a colleague today for some Arabic names, and he's going to write some down for me. Another colleague (Deb's husband, as it happens) offered to loan us their Jewish baby name book, and suggested the name Josiah.

    Names are turning out to be quite stressful! There's inevitably a few people who don't like the names you do.

    Jen, do I remember correctly in that you didn't reveal Sage's name before she was born?

    I think you're going to be right, Kyla :)

  9. i think the important thing re: names is that you not get too caught up in what other people think. in the end, it only matters that you and rich like it, right?

    josiah's a beautiful name, though!

    funny, though, on the phone today when you said "me and rich and harriet"... it sounded pretty damn right.


    i love you. no matter what your babe is named, she (or he, ok!) will be beautiful.


  10. Rah! for good test results.

    I hope you're having a great Thursday, my girl.

    With tender care....

  11. It was so nice to see you today, Alex! And to see the tummy!

    Yes, we decided not to tell anyone the name until after Sage was born. We had thought so hard about it and really liked what we came up with, and we just didn't want to hear any criticism that probably wouldn't change our minds but would make us feel bad.

    The only negative thing we really got (who knows what people were thinking but not saying, though? ;-) was my somewhat clueless father-in-law, who asked us if we'd raided the spice rack for names. (She is named after SageBRUSH, which grows wild in the West, NOT after the cooking herb, despite there being some overlap!). We told him he's lucky we didn't name her Parsley.

  12. hey alex,
    i was thinking girl too and i must say.. i have a pretty good track record with these things (as a kid i correctly guessed all 7 of my cousins & have also correctly guessed my friends pregnancies too!!).. in saying that, i don't like say too much because one day, i will not be right!! haha

    this is so exciting :)

  13. Your baby is preventing my doctorate. :) I was thinking of more names in the library today because of your struggle with boy names (so technically, it's my fault!), so even though I think it's a girl, here's some more names:

    Elijah (Eli)
    Tobiah (Tobias)

    ..and I just met a little girl named Emerson, which I also loved. :)

    Thank you for having a baby so I have a good reason to look up baby names! :) Hope you're well!

    Sarah Hope

  14. Aw, Sarah-Hope, I was just thinking of you... If Harvard was closer I would be hand delivering a Valentine fairy-cake to you :)

    I LOVE some of these names. Elijah has long been on my list, as has Tobias. But I adore the variation - Tobiah. Really lovely name. I've not heard of a couple of these - Hosea and Adiel... you're a wonderful name-finder :) And isn't Emerson a sweet. sweet name?

    Well, I would hate to stand in between you and your doctorate, but DO keep up the search :)

    And, of course it's a girl... !!

    I will be texting everyone as I leave the ultrasound (because of course people are THAT interested... !) Do send along your mobile numbers if you're desperate to know!!!

    Love, A

  15. I think that it's going to be a girl, though five minutes ago it was going to be a boy - so I'm an unreliable source on this matter! Hence I'll be happy with what we get - and we'll make the necessary adjustments as needed! As for names, I appreciate all your name suggestions, and they will all go into a big hat on the day of the birth - and the winner will be notified soon after, and receive a small gift. Though who ever suggested Gertrude and Buckie, I'm afraid to say it won't be entered into the draw...

  16. Please include me in the text announcement! I think it's a girl as well. I was going to suggest Oliver for a boy name but I guess Oliver Campbell Oliver wouldn't work so well. ;-)

    And I think at some point you have to decide to keep mum on names, because inevitably someone will comment negatively (at least until the baby is born, after that, no one dares to say things like that) or preface it with a whole big boundary: "here are the names we love, and are deciding between, and will name our baby one of these names. we actually don't want to hear your opinion on them..." because really, you can't please everyone and who cares if someone else doesn't like the name you choose?

    I *despise* both of my nephews' names, btw, but I *adore* my nephews. And my godson's name: atrocious. (No, his name isn't Atrocious, but it might as well be.) But none of them had parents who told me their names ahead of time (Because I would've been one of those "oh no you shouldn't" types, and really, it doesn't matter what I think. It's what you love.)

    And to think that today I was wondering to myself whether I could get away with naming a child "Rocket" - seriously!!!?!?!?!!

    lulu (because there seem to be a lot of sarahs here already)

  17. oh crap, sorry, please delete above comment, or edit it (I can't seem to for some reason, I think it's because I went anon) if the last name stuff shouldn't be there

  18. Hey lulu! Thanks for stopping by... You're so very right about the name sharing. I have to admit that my feelings might get a little hurt.. I have actually prefaced the 'name convo' with 'okay, I will be very sensitive if you diss the name Harriet... as it's my favourite'. This at least usually makes people be a little bit kind if they don't like it.

    but, hey, are you talking about Octavia and Santiago? Because I have to admit that I LOVE the name Octavia!!! .... also, why would you be so partial to the name Oliver?

    I really love that name, actually. Such a shame that Rich's name is Oliver...

    Finally, lulu, do, do, do suggest any other names you might be partial to.

    :Love, Alex

    Hey Rich, those are GREAT names... but I'm thankful for the veto power that a mother-to-be surely has...


  19. Santiago and Oscar. Octavio is my lucky (ha) nephew, I do like his name. And I like santi's name better knowing it has a story behind it, but still. I love Harriet, btw. Harrison, too, though I've taught a few too many. Also really like Riley and Scout and Virginia and Margaret.

    Love lulu

  20. aha! But I will admit to loving Oscar... Virginia is lovely... and I like Harrison, too. There's a rather odious character in a Tom Wolfe book I'm reading, at the moment... named Harrison.

    love, A

  21. I knew the cutest little five year-old boy named Harrison. His nickname was Harry, and he used to quote Harry Potter with the sweetest lisp (oh, but he would quote Dobby the house elf, which was a little odd). I just loved him! I also went through a phase where I loved the name "Malachi," but that was also due to knowing an adorable child by that name.

    I'm so bad at guessing sexes. I pretend that I have a gut feeling, but then it changes every 20 seconds, so clearly I don't. I have to say, I was right about Karla - I totally said I was getting a sister, but that might have just been wishful thinking. I kind of hope you have a boy though, as I want to put all the things I read in Raising Cain into practice. Is it upsetting that I view your child as an experiment?


    Love you (even though I don't stop by as often as I wish I did).