Sunday, February 8, 2009


Two posts in one evening (I even have another brewing...)

I am still dealing with the dreaded sickness, though not nearly to the extent that I was. The food aversions are still there, too... but, again, they seem to be getting a little better - or perhaps they're just morphing.

During the first trimester I couldn't touch any of my usual foods. My staples of berries, kale, hummus, pita bread, grains, etc., were suddenly so unappealing that the very thought of them made me run to the bathroom. At the same time I longed, LONGED for certain foods... unfortunately most of them were childhood favourites mostly unavailable in the US.

I craved:

Prawn cocktail Walkers crisps (chips to American readers)
Fish and chips - sans the fish. And thus chips with lots of salt and vinegar served in newspaper wrappings.
Turkish Delight (the little Fry ones)
Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle (these happen to be vegetarian... Pot noodles are a student staple in the UK)

There were other things.. like Digestive biscuits, English tomato soup, and so on.. but I could generally get those things from the English store in Freeport. But my desire for crisps and pot noodles was intense... and when everything else seemed wholly unappealing I was feeling a little desperate. We located pot noodles in Boston but thought it excessive to drive down there for what is, essentially, a pot with ramen noodles in.

Eventually... weeks after the cravings ended!(!) my parents sent me a parcel with said pot noodles and crisps in... as well as stacks of English chocolate. Yummy! Although Rich scoffed down the Turkish Delight and he did a great job polishing off the Toffee Crisps...

In fact it seems that Rich had similar cravings, since every time we buy some English treat - specifically to meet my craving - I am habitually too slow to eat it... Yep, Rich has been gobbling down his poor pregnant wife's pregnancy food... or, to put it another way.. stealing food from the poor baby's mouth :)

Those cravings have now lessened (though not for Rich, it seems), and I am now craving fruit.. lots of it. From the beginning apples and oranges have been my friend, and I've mostly been able to tolerate them when everything else is making me sick... I'm happy that my desire for berries has returned... though the cost of them is not making me that happy. Luckily, though, Rich seems to leave the fruit alone...


  1. oh do you have World Market stores? I have seen Pot Noodles and the Turkish Delight in the store here.

    love you.

  2. Oh no, Sarah, we don't have World Market here... dangit, I wish we did :) We have a little English store not too far away, and even our local supermarket sells English stuff in the international section.. but no pot noodles!!!!! I had Rich call all the stores that might possibly sell them, too!!!

    Any chance that you can chips (as in fish and chips) someplace in Maryland!?
    Love, A

  3. This post was hilarious! That Richard!

    I so remember the cravings and aversions. David didn't do any sympathetic eating, though. I suppose I should count myself lucky!


  4. There's an Irish pub I know of that has great fish and chips . . . no newspaper though. But I'll ask me Scottish brother-in-law!

  5. Rich! Toffee crisps aren't vegan!!!

    Well if you want supplies honey, just let me know and i'll fill my case. Even if you decide that it's not convenient for me to visit i can send them from within the states...

    love xxx

  6. Lou, I am still craving the chips from the chippy... At any rate, you can cook me some when you visit. Oh, I should warn you again that we won't likely have a very functioning bathroom... !