Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today I enjoyed(?) my first vomit free day in almost THREE MONTHS. Woo hoo. It wasn't without awful nausea. Yesterday I experimented by not taking my anti-nausea medications - which had led to a day of continual sickness - and I woke up at 2am feeling sick to my stomach. I was glad to have my meds by my bed, and in my dehydrated, misery stricken state I gobbled it down as fast as I could. Many of you will know and appreciate how much I dislike any form of medications, and so the decision to take a class B drug whilst pregnant was quite tortuous. I soon realized, though, that without the meds it would be difficult to keep anything down, including water.

Sad that yesterday's med-free day didn't work out, I did fall back to sleep eventually and woke up a few hours later feeling not so queasy. The dehydration, though, is never pleasant, so Rich kindly got up at 6am and laid out some orange squash (an English drink) and some water on the table next to the couch. I stumbled to my now-regular spot on the sofa and managed to re-hydrate, somewhat.

Rich and I have a new Sunday routine which entails going to the gym together followed by brunch. I used to spend a lot of time grading papers in Panera Bread, and as a result frequently ate their vegetable soup. When first pregnant it was one of the few things I could eat. My friend Dave bought me 2 big vats of the soup, kindly thinking that I could eat it at home, Alas, I was horribly sick that first night, and since then I haven't been able to even drive past Panera, much less go in there. So it was with some surprise that last week, for our brunch, I started to crave one of their bagels. I knew it was a veggie soup-free day there, so took the plunge. Again, today, I fancied a bagel and also their salad with hummus...

Oddly I cannot touch hummus when it's been in our fridge. Frankly, anything I make - even my favourite salads - invariably comes back up when I prepare it and eat it at home. It's as though I have some Pavlovian response... it's very strange. In Panera I gobbled down a big salad with hummus, and at home the thought of a salad - with the same romaine lettuce and any type of hummus - makes me heave. The only foods that seem safe at home to eat are various fruits - though not all fruits.

For instance, pre-pregnancy, I ate 2 cups of strawberries a day, at least one cup of raspberries, and usually a cup of blueberries. Indeed I was hopelessly addicted to berries of all persuasions. Yet now I can't touch them unless I'm 'tasting' them in Whole Foods... I also can't touch my trusty oats/oatbran/flaxseed combination. A breakfast I've eaten everyday for at least two years.

I'll have to write another post about the foods I've been craving, but suffice to say that I have been - and continue - to battle major food aversions... including ALL protein sources, most leafy green vegetables, and even Luna bars (which I'd been surviving on the first few weeks of pregnancy).

For now, though, I'll celebrate my first vomit free day.. A day where I managed to keep down a leafy green vegetable, and a day when I didn't vomit all evening. The nausea is a bit unrelenting, and, unfortunately, the anti-nausea meds don't take it away. I did learn, though, that without them the nausea and vomiting is so much worse.

When my sister Fiona told me that she was 16 weeks pregnant before her sickness got better, I almost wept. I was only 9 weeks pregnant at that point and honestly thought that I could take no more. But here I am at close to 17 weeks - and I've sort of gotten used to the sickness. But, boy, how nice it is not to be sick today... I hope that this is truly the beginning of the end.


  1. Dear Alexandra,

    That is indeed something to celebrate.

    I've never experienced morning sickness, but I know chronic nausea intimately. And just....blurgh and ugh.


    **Rah!! Whoo-hoo!! Alright!! Yea!!**

    With tender care....

  2. Thanks, ania :) I've been meaning to tell you that I have listened to the song.. and I like it! It's likely one that would grown on me, but can utterly see it becoming a favourtie before too long.

    As it happens I was listening to Dance, Dance, Dance today :) Thank you for introducing me to that song, and the rest of Lykke Lis music.

    xo A

  3. I think it'll be fun while it lasts, but, I predict that it'll end up on my 'Retired Moves' playlist in a few weeks. And I'm okay with that. It'll be in good company. :)

    As for Lykke Li, she's enduring.

    Anyway, for whatever joy both of them bring you, and for however long - I am glad.

  4. yay for vomitty free days!
    how wonderful that must feel (obviously, i can only imagine)

    i look forward to hearing about the cravings :)
    sometimes i wonder where babies get their tastes from!! hahaha

  5. hey beautiful,
    so thrilling to hear that you had a vomit free day...It will get better I promise you the second trimester usually feels the best...just hold tight I am sure it will get here soon...much love to you and the little bean.

    Love, Tara

  6. Yay yay yay!!!!!!

    Good for you, Alex! I am crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be the same, and the same from then on. In fact, I'll go ahead and cross all digits and limbs.


  7. p.s. and what a sweet hubby you have. I already knew that, but I had to say so again. ;-)

  8. How great for you! I hope today (or was it yesterday?) is the first of many more to come!


  9. Thanks, all. Yesterday was not as successful, I'm afraid. But that's okay as today has been another pretty good day. I am sitting here trying to distract myself because of the high potential for sickness. Oy. I am still hopeful that it's getting much, much better. I had a vivid memory when I woke up this morning, of how awful I felt just a few weeks ago, and how I would almost cry every time I awoke to a spinning room and the feeling of nausea which stayed with me all day.

    I'm just feeling thankful that it's not like that still.

    I am still contending with the extreme food aversions, though, especially to protein. If you have any suggestions I'll be happy to hear them!

  10. God, Alex, I'm so glad you're not feeling so bad as at the beginning, but I wish it were easier for you now. I also wish I had something brilliant to say re: protein, but my go-to protein source for when I can't imagine eating (boo, history of chronic nausea...) is egg. Not much help to you. When I imagine being ill and mentally "try out" different vegan protein sources, I can sort of see where the problem would be in terms of food aversions. I'm hoping that it will ease up some, and that when the babe starts really NEEDING protein in its development, your body will be able to handle it.

    Also, not to sound like a broken record, but Ellen was sick something to the level that you've been, and Floradix was an incredible life-saver for her. Her midwife said she's had real success with it w/ many women... might be worth a try. Also, El's feeling much, much better overall, and has been for about a month. As she's just about a month and a half ahead of you in her pregnancy, I'm taking that as a sign that you'll feel better SOON.

    Love you, sweetpea. Here's to more vomit-free days.


  11. Thanks, Fi. I did in the end try the Floradix. No luck... in fact all the usual remedies have not helped. I was going to acupuncture 3 times a week and my acupuncturist said I was the firs person he'd not had any success with. I developed an aversion to crackers and ginger, and usually protein helps to ward off morning sickness. Well, they do say that all pregnancies are different!

    I've been trying some different protein powders, and Im at least keeping some soymilk down each day. I even tried out dairy products in desperation and was even sicker. Oy. I have the strongest aversion to beans you can imagine, and even high protein grains like quinoa repulse me. I can't quite describe what it's like to have a food aversion. I will admit that pre-pregnancy I was of the mind that food aversions were about being picky, that one could just suck it up. Boy, I was so wrong. ALL the foods I long to eat (those old favs such as my infmaous red pepper hummus, pitas, strawberries, etc) are not just unappealing they're inedible

    I'm so thankful that my body seems to know what to do as the baby is growing well, it seems. At my last scan the poppet was actually measuring a week ahead, almost. But I am worrying about it... I'm finding that hemp protein powder is going down quite well, though.

    Love, A

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  13. jesus, i just cannot imagine how horrible this must be. I'm hoping as I get through the posts to the most recent that this is not still the case. love you x