Tuesday, February 3, 2009

... a happy list.

1. I think I've been feeling some 'flutters' - the first signs of movement.
2. My tummy has suddenly expanded... in just 24 hours!
3. My busy Monday/Tuesday at work is finished for another week.
4. Kiltie, we think, knows I'm pregnant, or, in the very least he knows something is going on. Every evening and night he snuggles up next to me and lies next to my tummy,
5. I've been going to the gym regularly this past few weeks and it feels wonderful not being quite so immobile and incapacitated.
6. We're planning a Spring Break getaway to somewhere warm.. something to celebrate Poppet.


  1. I love this list! The new developments in your tummy are just wonderful. How very, very exciting! I'm trying to remember when I first felt movement. Do you know that I am not sure where I was when it happened? How weird--it's all such a blur. I'm going to ask David if he remembers.

    And how interesting about Kiltie. He better get all the cuddling he can in now, before the advent of Poppet!

    I look forward to hearing about your travel plans as they develop. I think that's the smartest thing you can do! You both so deserve it.


  2. Oh love, I can't wait to see the baby bump! My friend Heather LOVES the idea of getting pregnant so that she can buy new clothes - she would be envious of your baby bump.

    I hope to see you soon. I am so so so so pleased to hear that things seem to be getting easier for you, or (at the very least) that you are feeling a bit better during the day-to-day of it all. I can't imagine having felt that ill for so long.

    I think of you a lot, and I look forward to seeing you.

    Lots of love,

  3. awwwww the first flutters how exciting!!! gosh Alex I am so happy for you ...almost makes me want ANOTHER one...almost..lol...where are you thinking about going for vacation?? well anywhere you go will be good you deserve it!!

    love, Tara

  4. i'm so happy for you, alex! what a great list. that's so sweet about kiltie — i'll bet he does know.
    hope you're feeling well today!
    love, e.

  5. wonderful wonderful wonderful! I bet kiltie does know. how fun! oh i'm really happy for you. thanks for being here for me . . .

  6. hey alex
    this is so sweet :)
    so so beautiful that kiltie is snuggling up with you and poppet. awwww
    you should photograph the love to show poppet for when poppet is older! :)

    i found out 2 days ago that my best friend is having a girl, Ava.. in late May. i just went on a "pink" shopping spree! O how i adore lil bubbies :)


  7. Hi Jen! I don't think - unfortunately - that we'll manage to on a getaway as lovely as your planned Alaska trip, but we are keen to go somewhere warm. At this point we're thinking of just heading to Florida. We were tempted to head to Spain to see my folks as the tickets are actually less expensive! But I am very reluctant to fly too far.. Hope to see you later. And I love the new little profile photograph. Very sweet :) xo

    Hey Ren, are you coming up to Maine this weekend? I am definitely in the 'is she pregnant or a bit tubby' phase!! It's GREAT!

    Thanks, Tara. We're just considering Florida... perhaps the Gulf beaches. It looks pretty beautiful down there, though Im hoping to avoid the Spring break mania... including my own students!

    e, I have a very cute photo of Kiltie snuggling up. As I type (and i should be in the shower getting ready for work), Sammy is curled up on my legs! He's probably just looking for food, though :)

    Thanks, Sarah and Kyla... so much to be happy about (though I do a good job being slightly miserable, too!!).

    Love, A

  8. awwww florida...little A is going to the west palms with her aunt in two weeks..how are you feeeling today darling??

    Love, Tara

  9. Oh, good point about avoiding your own students, Alex! Relaxing that would not be. You'll have to drink something fruity (and non alcoholic!) with an umbrella in it. Hopefully you will avoid having to listen to Jimmy Buffett.

    It was so lovely to see you today--thank you for stopping in! Wish we'd had more time.


  10. Hey B! We must have posted comments at the same time.. I didnt see you there! Aw, very sweet and exciting about your friend!

    T, so excited about our hols! We booked it last night. We chose an out of the way hotel overlooking Tampa Bay, which will be an ideal base for traveling down the coast. Very excited!

    Aw, Jen, it was lovely seeing you. You are such a wonderful friend to me. I do hope that we can have a proper visit soon!

    Well, with happiness comes some sadness, too. Pregnancy seems to bring each feeling into sharp relief - for me, at least. Poor Rich came downstairs to me sobbing on the couch this morning! Jeepers

    love, A

  11. You know the first feeling of movement is called, 'the quickening' and Catholic/Christian abortion policy, prior to the invention of the microscope, was based on whenever the mother felt the quickening. Anytime after that was against the rules. Of course, it's self-reported.

    And enjoy your getaway. I know Megan and I loved ours. This winter it seems especially necessary.

  12. I had no idea about the abortion policy! Though I did read that in many cultures 'quickening' is viewed as the proof of pregnancy. I've not felt the flutters since.... I thought i did but I think it might have been wind :)

    We we're really looking forward to the break. We've not been to Florida before, and whilst we were wanting to go a bit farther away it seems best to be a little cautious. Your pics of Mexico are just wonderful... it made me want to go there having viewed them.
    xo Alex

  13. Alex,

    This is such a delayed reply (sorry). But I'm so very happy for you and that you are feeling better and taking a break from the cold weather.

    - Kristina

  14. Hi kristina! Thanks for dropping by! hope all is well in your new home. How are M's allergies?

    We're so looking forward to the break, I can tell you. it's actually above freezing here in Maine, for the first time in what seems like months. So we're going to take the boys our for a trip to the dog park. How are your new additions?
    xo A

  15. ohhhh Tampa bay...you lucky girl. what a wonderful way to celebrate little poppet. I just wanted to let you know on the flutters thing you felt them at just the right time but for the next few weeks you will have to concentrate real hard to feel them as the little bean is so small still I bet the best time to feel them willbe right before you go to sleep as you are lying stil and babys hate the stillness after you moving all day...it wakes them up and hence you feel the movement...I am so excited for you..I cant wait to hear every new development with the little bean...new life is so exciting! How have you been feeling?? hope your days have been free of vomit!!!

    much love to you and your family

    Love Tara

  16. oh good, so glad you're going to get a treat of a break somewhere sunny. I love you al, I feel like I'm getting a whistlestop tour of all I've been missing in your life. Give rich a hug from me.

  17. I've missed you, Lou! We can't wait for our trip... less than 3 weeks to go before we leave!