Wednesday, February 25, 2009


HI everyone! Thanks for your input re: names. What a difficult decision. For the past few days, Rich and I have been practicing calling future poppet a specific name. Some names - which I just adore - don't seem quite to fit. I imagine our little kiddo to be both gentle and feisty, and certainly we want a name which connotes some spirit. And of course a name which fits such criteria must also be a name that is not 'too out there', not too common in the US or UK, but a name that fits both cultures. On top of that we want a name that isn't too snobby, too pretentious... and thus the list goes on.

We have it narrowed down to a few nicknames we like... Raffy/Ravi, Theo/Ted... and we're looking at longer, more adult names to attach them to. So far we really like Rafael. To be honest, it's far from our favourite name, but it's the name that so far seems to fit - especially with the Raffy nickname. We've been referring to Poppet as Raffy for the past couple of days, and I must admit that it sounds quite right.

But do keep those names coming...!!

In other news: I had my 20 week appointment today. Everything is looking very good. I've gained just over 7 pounds, my BP was 102/78, and when Deb measured by tummy it was right to my navel, exactly where it should be!1 I am amazed how much the body can care for itself even when it is being horribly sick all the time... and I am still very sick when I don't take my zofran (I discovered this the hard way when I ran out of my prescription on Monday... and thus didn't take any yesterday).

The Poppet is weighing 11oz! When I compared this to average weights at 19 weeks (the date of the scan) I discovered that the norm is around 8oz. 11oz is more in line with a 21week babe. I am of course worried that this little fellow is going to be a huge bruiser!!

Whilst all the blood work, etc. has been great, it looks as though I'll be referred to a high risk OB just to keep a check on my lupus status. I had an appointment with the rheumatologist last week who seemed to just think that I was experiencing skin lupus, and that nothing systemic was going on... and thus he didn't seem worried, but when having my ultrasound at the perinatologist's last week, they advised me to get a referral to their office. I am a little hesitant about it because it no doubt increases the chance of more interventions. But Deb said she'd speak to them... I trust her implicitly to look out for my wishes. The one thing that may end up happening, though, is that I deliver at Maine Med as opposed to Mercy. I am hopeful that it won't be necessary, though.

There were many things I was going to blog about, but I truly spend much of my day wandering around in a pregnancy fog. I must write about this... a phenomenon which involves me losing the ability to recall simple vocabulary, where my short term memory has all but disappeared, and where my motivation to work has ceased to exist.

Oh well, will try to remember what I wanted to say - tomorrow!


  1. I'm so glad that things are going so well with regard to health, what a blessing. It is amazing what our bodies can do!

    Hmm. Now I must figure out an excuse for this non-pregnant person's pregnancy fog . . . :-) xo

  2. Raffy is lovely.
    I am so glad all is physically going well despite the sickness. poor you

    i love you

  3. I also love Raffy.

    The funny thing is, of course, that no matter how much you anticipate and imagine, they'll be different still. A whole little person with lots of surprises in store. (Sage is nothing like I imagined she'd be! But then I imagined a little mini-me.)

    I'm sorry about the high-risk designation, but I am comforted that they are keeping a close eye on the lupus and that Deb will run interference for you. You've got a great advocate. It will be fine.

    Great to see you today!

  4. Hi folks!

    Sarah, the pregnancy fog feels like the fog you get when you're really, really sleep deprived... it's like nothing I've ever quite experienced and seems to be getting worse!!!

    Thanks, Lou :) It is amazing! I have no idea where an additional 20 pounds is going to go, though. As it is the weight I've gained is in my tummy and boobs!

    Thanks, Jen! Today I was looking up dominant and recessive genes :) UNless Rich has a blond/blue eyed recessive gene lurking around, I guess we're in for brown-haired, brown eyed kiddos!! And it's so hard to imagine what the little guy will actually be like... We were in Panera today, which seems to be a mecca for the kids of Portland - and I tried to glean which little one would be like ours!

    Great to see you, Jen.
    Love A

  5. How interesting. Well then I bet little Bertie will be the spitting image of his dad! Imagine a little Richard running around. How adorable! (When Sage was a baby, by the way, she looked EXACTLY like David at that age. It was spooky.)