Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And it's a...

Hi everyone,

well, today was a pretty exciting day! We had out ultrasound at 8am. We had the sonographer we requested (the lovely Russian Dr.) and we bought a DVD to tape the ultrasound. We gave the Dr. an envelope with a pink and blue card in it. We asked her to place the 'right' card in the envelope so we could open it when we left. We asked not to be told during the scan... She was very lovely about it and asked if we would like a picture of the baby in with it. Lovely, we thought.

The scan was very thorough. Almost an hour.. perhaps even a little bit longer. She explained everything. Right from the beginning we could see a wonderful shot of the baby. The babe was lying on the placenta with their head nicely cushioned.. and, oh, so cute, the babe began to suck their thumb!! I had no idea that this sort of thing happened so quickly! What a clever baby :)

All the measurements were within normal ranges, and, in fact, everything looked perfect. The baby is measuring about a week ahead... almost 20 weeks. When it came to looking at the sex she told us to look away... We told her how we were certain it was a girl.

At the end she gave us the card and Rich and I went to a lovely little restaurant for brunch. I'm not sure how we withstood opening the card as we drove the short distance... but we did. We even managed to wait until our food arrived, though by this point I was beside myself with excitement.

A few pics of the big moment....

Some anticipatory angst...

This is the moment I spy the blue card... complete and utter shock. There was not one part of me that thought we might have a boy!!!!!

Yep, that's right, it's a.....


  1. Oh my goodness what an adorable post! You two are just so cute! I love the pix.

    And a boy! Wow! You know, at first I was so surprised, too, but in the hours since you texted me I have really gotten so used to the idea and I love picturing the two of you as parents to a sweet little boy.

    How incredible that he started sucking his thumb while undergoing the scan. How moving and delightful that must have been for you!

    You know, you are going to be amazing parents. I am so excited for the world that we'll have a man in it raised by you.

    That cake looks like chocolate. It looks really good! I hope you enjoyed every bite!


  2. p.s. I can't think of a better role model for a little boy than Richard. Truly!

  3. It's a boy it's a boy!!! Alex, thank you for drawing the post out enough for me to share your excitement, suspense, and surprise. How lovely. I'm smiling and tearing up simultaneously.


  4. woohoo!!! i'm so happy for you guys! a beautiful bouncing boy!


  5. awwww alex congratulations.

    and the pictures were lovely.

    love lucy x

  6. (( Alex & Rich ))
    the photos of your journey are adorable.
    i could not be happier for the both of you right now, you both are so sweet! i'm shedding a tear of joy for you & your lil growing boy.


  7. holy crappola,
    I for sure thought it was a girl but let me tell you little boys and thier mommys are tight!!!...he will adore you...congratulations you two..I am so happy for you I could burst!!!!

    love, Tara

  8. aw you are both adorable. i'm so happy for you, it's all so exciting. It's really happening!!!!

    L xx

  9. oh my goodness! I am so happy for you, I am laughing and crying at the same time! I love, love these pictures so much and this is just wonderful, WONDERFUL!!!

    a million x's and o's

  10. Dear Zubeldia,

    I adore the way you shared this exciting experience and the photo-journey.

    It was only when I got to, "This is the moment I spy the blue card...." that I realized that I too expected somewhere deep inside, that you'd be having a little girl. All this time, I thought I had no suspicion either way. Isn't that funny?

    You two seem so happy. It's beautiful.

    With warmth....

  11. Little boys are wonderful. I wanted a girl, too, before I found out what I was having, but now that I have 'Lil C, I can't imagine anything different. I'm so happy for you. :)


  12. Yes, what a priceless post. The pix are just adorable. Even if Jen already told me you were having a boy, I loved the way you rolled out the news.
    What fun!

  13. Congratulations! How wonderful! And what a wonderful way to find out and celebrate! So happy for you!

    kittie7509 from the July 09 EC

  14. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, everyone.

    Jen, what a kind and sweet comment. THANK you. I really think Rich will be a wonderful papa, too. I really appreciate your words. And isn't he a clever little guy sucking his thumb already :)!

    Wow, I have to say that referring to 'him' is really, really odd!! Every time I say it I start to beam and laugh a bit... I think I'm still a bit shell-shocked. I did buy some little outfits to make it a bit more real.

    I'm so glad that we have these photographs, too. I think it was one of the best moments in my life.

    Hi Kittie!!

    Love, Alex

  15. oh yes, so you all know that we are going to need major help with boys' names. We are completely stuck as we don't seem very agreeable on them. We had so many girl names that we both really loved... boys are for sure harder for us.

    I am writing up a new post with some names we've been thinking about - including their meanings. I'll revisit all your previous ideas, too.. but, in the meantime, get your thinking caps on!

    xo A

  16. Aw Alex,
    I loved the text, and the news as it is presented here.

    When I was little, I used to want to name The Most Special Thing in My Life (that varied from week to week, but nothing was quite special enough for this name)...


    You are welcome to use that, if you so desire :)

    (I'm kidding, I realize that no one would name their child Norton - lest anyone cringe and worry about my taste!)

  17. (I also just figured out how to subscribe to posts on this blog. Go me!)

  18. i am so excited. i'm in the process of picking out a (super-adorable, organic cotton and/or bamboo, of course) outfit for little mr. oliver-campbell. i can't decide yet, although there are these little pants with fruit all over them... eeee.

    anyway, i'm also brainstorming names, and have at least one or two truly awesome ones saved up for you :)

    these pictures are AMAZING. they are so beautiful and so perfectly capture (i imagine) the feeling and experience of that morning for you both. you will be (and are) beautiful parents.

    love love

  19. Aha, Thanks Ren. I may let you have the name Norton for your own little boy :) And how on earth do you subscribe to these posts? Have no clue... though I of course get them sent automatically because it's my blog :)

    Aw, Fi, I can't wait for your suggestions. I just wrote a post about our name guidelines :) It's really tricky to find a boy name!!!!! I need serious help.

    Love A

  20. Hello Alex Rich and little baby

    Little boys are wonderful.I'm so happy for you.i think you two gonna be absolutely great parents. :)

    Lots of love to you three


  21. Hi Habby! Thanks for visiting the blog! Hope all of you guys are well, too! how's that little nephew of mine?
    love A