Monday, February 16, 2009

A Quick List...

1) Only 36 hours or so until the big scan! We can hardly wait! Any last minute guesses as to the sex?

2) The sickness has returned with some force.. not as bad before, but enough that it's a bit misery-making. My mum informed me over the weekend that she was sick until month six. Oh mercy,

3) I have an emergency appointment with the nurse practitioner tomorrow. Deb is away. I've been having a few lupus symptoms this past few days and lupus flare-ups can make for problems. I am certain it;s nothing to be worried about... but of course I'm a little bit worried.

4) I am really beginning to show now. I'm almost at 19 weeks (wow!) and even with clothes on I think you can tell I'm pregnant. The changes are happening so quickly now! Everyday I seem to get bigger.... AND it's already a bit cumbersome to have a bump even as small as it is. Cutting my toenails last night was quite the chore.

5) I had no idea what people meant when they talked about the pregnancy fog, or pregnancy brain. I find myself searching for basic vocabulary... my memory is terrible, and my motivation to do any work is nowhere to be found. I'd like to be sat on my ouch watching English mystery DVDs.

6) Oh, an old school friend just emailed me an idea for how we want to be told about the baby's sex. It's a lovely idea....


  1. hey dear, I guess..... boy!

    love lucy x

  2. I guess.... boy!

    love lucy x

  3. good luck guys!
    i can't wait to check back in with the news :)

    i guess... girl!!
    but you already knew that ;)

    so happy for you alex :)

  4. still a girl :)

    can't wait, buddies!

  5. Hey, Alex, you'll be in my thoughts today, and tomorrow!

    It is so fun to see you with your bump.

    How exciting that you're getting so close to that scan. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

    And go ahead and give in to that pregnancy brain! You deserve to pamper yourself as much as possible (including watching those DVDs).


  6. Hi Guys, it's me, Alex :)... google won't let me log in.

    Thanks for those guesses... but Lucy, a boy!! You know I was thinking about how much fun it would be if we were told 'it's a boy'. I honestly don't know how people can be so patient and decide to not know the sex!

    Oh Jen, I now have 3 hours of medical sociology to get through followed by 2 student meetings re: capstones, followed by core connections and lunch... and, oh, editing something for Ali... and then, then... all I want to do is to be lying on the couch! I am sort of praying to my atheist God that Thursday is a snowday :)

    Belinda, thanks for checking in. I'll for sure let you know asap!

    Fi, I'm beginning to doubt myself now about it being a girl. matthew, the old friend with the finding out the gender idea, said that they were absolutely convinced they were having a girl! Alas, it was a little boy.

    I do confess to having taken one of those old wives' tales quizzes online. And given the sickness, lank hair, the spotty skin (lovely) it said I have an 80% chance of a girl!!

    Oh, just over 24 hours to go!
    love, alex

  7. I say girl, then boy, then girl...girl, okay, i'll opt for girl. was the idea having the sex written down and put in an envelope?


  8. Dear Alex,

    That's a shame that the nausea has returned. And that you're experiencing lupus symptoms. I'm so sorry to hear it.

    I've had friends tell me that each child sponges up a bit of their intelligence and quick-wittedness.

    But they always say that it's worth it.


    Always wishing you a healthy and happy family.

    With warmth....

  9. I guess girl . . . don't they always say that if you're feeling very sick it's a girl?

    Hmph. Who is "they" anyway? And what a sexist old wives tale that is.

    Is it sexist to say "old wives tale"? Crap. I'd better quit while I'm behind . . .

    thinking of you xoxoxoxoxo

  10. i'm thinking a little blonde haired girl!


  11. hi there, folks.

    Well, wow, the pregnancy brain is such a real concept! I completely got my schedule mixed up and fortunately didn't have the lunch time meetings that I feared I had. I managed to get a quick trip to the gym in before seeing the nurse.

    Honestly, I was expecting the nurse to tell me that it's nothing to worry about, but instead I have an emergency appointment with the rheumatologist tomorrow. I'm not too worried, though.

    We're very excited for the scan in the morning, though.

    Lou - it is the card thing. We've made a girl card and a boy card and instead og being told right there and then in the rather clinical setting of a high risk OB clinic(!), we're going to ask the tech if she can place the right card in an envelop so that we can open it afterwards. We're planning on heading out for breakfast, somewhere nice, hopefully, to open it up!

    I was also really pleased that when I called the ultrasound center today and requested the tech we had last time, that they obliged. The woman was just amazing. It turns out that she was a Dr. (a radiologist) in her native country and is working as a tech here. She was really lovely, too. Given the first sonographer we had - who was sort of mean - we feel fortunate to hopefully have this request honoured. Oh, we can also tape the ultrasound!!

    Of course I'm not without worry since this is the anatomical ultrasound which is checking for any 'markers' of defects, problems, etc.

    Thanks, everyone!

    Love A

  12. Alex, I love the card idea! What a lovely thing to do. I hope you get the tech you requested and that you have a wonderful, festive breakfast afterward.

    And I will be thinking about you tomorrow for your rheumatologist appointment.

    Fingers crossed on all counts!