Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My return to work was a bit of a disaster. First, I went to bed last night with these rugrats and much to my dismay we had a night of tag team wake-ups. Charlie was actually fine and only woke up 2 or 3 times to nurse. His brother, however, was inexplicably awake for much of the night. He was basically up for good around 3am, and while he nodded back off to sleep here and there, both he and Charlie were fully awake by 4:45am. This would have been okay had I slept in the preceding hours but, alas, I had not so I was feeling fried before I even got into the shower. I also missed my very tiny window to exercise as I didn't think that Rich would want to deal with two awake boys at that time in the morning.. So not a good start.

Charlie had an early morning Dr. appointment scheduled so at 7:30 Charlie and I drove up to Portland for his 2 month check-up. Imagine my surprise (putting it nicely) when they said the appointment was on the 23rd???? They had already rescheduled his appointment before Christmas and then, after two days of trying to rearrange it (which involved being on hold for over 30 mins) they managed to scupper it again. It was pretty infuriating, especially since he would be closer to 3 and a half months by the appointment date they had written down. So... back home. I managed to get some work done when I returned home as he was still asleep but the rest of the day was something of a bust as he won't take a bottle still and he only ever really wants me. 

I must sound like a broken record but I simply cannot imagine how this can be good for Charlie. I wish I could stay home with him for a few months but it's simply not an option (if we want to keep medical insurance and a roof over our head, that is). 

In between doing some work we had some fun on the mat.. he was pretty enthralled with his own reflection on the play mirror he's looking into in the pic below.

Happy boy this evening...

And now pretty zonked. It was all that work :)


  1. I hope you get better sleep soon! I hope he takes a bottle soon, too. I once took care of my friends' infant who went from never having seen a bottle to expecting me to give it to her (really terrible situation) and it was really awful the first week but eventually she did take a bottle. I hope it's smoother for you soon, though. Take care. xo

  2. Wishing you strength as you go rough this difficult transition, darling. I mean, superwoman.