Sunday, January 27, 2013


Life has been a little bit crazed, mostly because we've been dealing with ongoing illness. Last week I was totally out with the flu, and then Charlie came down with something last Thursday. We took him to the Dr's on Friday and they offered him the antiviral, Tamiflu, but we decided to see how he was. Well, on Saturday night when the poor baby was just screaming I was beginning to regret not giving Charlie the medication. That said, he's been slowly getting better, though his sleeping has been terrible. For the past week Charlie has been up practically for most of each night. I have to admit that I am pretty depleted and slightly crazed from the lack of sleep.

This morning Raf woke up and had a cuddle with Charlie and declared that he'd like to have THREE brothers. Yikes. I asked Raf what he'd call them and he told me he'd like three Charlie's. After this past few weeks I think I'd be signing up for a stint in the funny farm if we had more kiddos.

But Charlie remains his cheerful self. He's always smiling and squealing and Raf adores him. Raf had a very trying week last week, though. Lots of screaming, 'Noooooooooo', and throwing odd things across the room (very new behaviour.. hopefully short lived). We're not sure what's been going on but everything has been a battle... This week has been a trillion times better. He responds very well to an empathetic response from us, and a good cuddle when he's having a moment can turn things around very well, but his frustration level was very low last week and we're still a bit perplexed about it. This weekend was lovely, though, and he was a happy camper and his usual cooperative self.


  1. You poor lot! How exhausting, thank goodness they are cute, huh?!
    Love you x

  2. If you didn't get some kind of different behaviour from Rafi after the arrival of Charlie, it would be very unusual indeed Alex. He's clearly brilliant at loving Charlie, but underlying it will be the normal undercurrent of insecurity. For further and detailed explanation of all that, please consult Alex Kirk, master of subtifuge, hidden sandwiches behind bath panels and up fireplaces, and all things envy-related. He is Professor of Insecurity and sheer Naughtiness (Oxon. B. Phil(istine).)