Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Only Wednesday!

Although it's only Wednesday, I must say that it's been a very, very long week. On Monday I headed into the office full of panic that I'm already so far behind. Before I got there, though, there was a rather comic moment which involved me running down the long, snowy driveway, dragging our Christmas tree behind me as I waved like a lunatic for the truck picking up the trees for the one-time collection to stop. Instead they drove right past me, though they must have taken pity on me as one of the trucks came back and piled on the tree manually. Oh, and then our internet was disconnected because I've been carrying the bill around with me in my car meaning to post it for the past, well, 4 weeks. 

When I left for work, though, it did seem that Raf was a little out of sorts. I checked in to see how Charlie was doing and while Rich and my mum assured me that C was just fine (he was not taking a bottle, mind you) I could hear the screaming in the background, so back home I went. This was the welcoming committee... I'd only been gone a few hours :)

Later that evening it was becoming more obvious that something was awry. Charlie was developing new cold symptoms and Raf was really pretty hyper, not knowing what to do with himself. That night Rafi burned up a horrible, horrible fever, which kept me up most of the night... and then Charlie nursed for a good part of the night, I think because he had a sore throat. Unfortunately yesterday was also the beginning of a two day work retreat for me. We'd planned for Rich to have the day off so that he could bring C to me to feed.. and that he did. Charlie perhaps drank 1/2-1 ounce that morning but waited to come to me to be properly fed. I'm not sure what we'd have done without Rich being able to come up, especially since Raf was just getting worse. As soon as I got home Raf vomited all over me, just as I was on the phone trying to organize an adjunct for a course (yes, classes begin next week), getting back to emails, and taking on more work than I can possibly cope with right now.

And things sort of went downhill from there. Sad, sick, disorientated Rafi vomiting everywhere, a too-hungry Charlie eating like he'd never eaten before, sick covered couch, piles of laundry, and 3 adults coming down with a similar illness to Raf's. And work coming out of my ears.

This morning Raf seemed a bit better but not well enough for school so Rich had to take off another day, which was also a relief as I was so worried that C wouldn't eat anything. En route to the retreat (most people stayed the night) mum called to say that one of the dogs was missing.. super way to begin the day. Thankfully Sammy returned!

Raf also seems to be on the mend, so fingers crossed he can go to school tomorrow as I'm already hopelessly behind at work.  I'm already counting down the days until June.

Somewhat miraculously Charlie is even fairly cheerful when he is poorly... and I think we're all very grateful for that.

Here's to a better second half of the week. Rafi did just say, 'mummy, you're cute', and that goes a long way in making this week better.


  1. Hugs! J said "mommy you're a beautiful mommy" this morning. I love our sweet children.

  2. I got panicked and overwhelmed just reading what you're dealing with!!! Poor all of you. I hope it all gets a bit more manageable soon. Bless rafi and his cute comment x

  3. My - what a whirlwind.

    Also, you are a cute mummy.

    With care....

    1. Thanks, all. It has been a rubbish few days. Raf is much better but he had an accident in the night and after I changed him he was up for over 2 hours.. and then of course Charlie was up as soon as Raf was asleep. I have to admit that I might have cried in the shower this morning. It's just not sustainable.

      Ania, friend, I have been meaning to be in touch since your lovely baby card found its way to our new house last year. I am so sorry not to have gotten back to your email, too. I'm hopelessly behind in every way and yet I have been so sad not to be in touch. xo

  4. Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just so sorry. I wish I could help take some of the work off of your plate. Even if you just want to chat on the phone--do let me know. I am here, for sympathy if nothing else. Thinking of you and hoping for the best. xoxo