Monday, January 28, 2013


I've been meaning to write a blog post for quite sometime... Firstly, I shall thank/commend/tip my hat to Al for writing about 467 blog posts for everyone of mine - and even a New Year promise to do one a week has not been met - but February could be different! Our January has not really gone to plan with illnesses a plenty, and Al sadly returning to work - we curse daily America's successive Congresses/Senate's/Corporate Governments for not doing what is the right thing on maternity leave - whilst just 200 miles to our north, our progressive Canadian neighbours have 50 weeks of paid leave...and accessible healthcare for all! I'd also like to (belatedly), thank all our friends and family that have helped us over the last few years - since they have been a couple of years that have been challenging at times - veering between pleasure (Charlies safe arrival and Rafi growing from a toddler into a boy), and pain of losses. From cards, presents, meals, visits, Raf sleeping over, and everything in between - it was all appreciated and made these times much easier for us. Whilst 2013 hasn't been great so far due to the prevalence of illness - we are looking forward to a great year of renewal - Rafi turning four, Charlie turning 1 and walking, and doing the odd road race now with two passengers!! Getting chips (fries!) in Old Orchard Beach is also high up on the list, after a run, swim or bike of course... I will leave you with my Christmas card from Al, Rafi & Charlie - joy indeed...Have a happy & healthy 2013 everyone!

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