Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 Months Old!

I will hopefully get around to making the blog private very soon... ! Unfortunately the entire house has been sick, and last Saturday I was hit with a horrible flu. I was basically bed bound for 4 straight days and it's only today that I feel somewhat human. Needless to say I am horribly behind in every way.

But today is Charlie's 3 month birthday! What a lovely, special boy he is.  Rafi loves his little brother. This was this morning as Raf waited for Charlie to wake up.  

I came home at lunch time to feed Charlie and saw him almost roll over! He is very close, and he's already very. very strong. He loves to grab hold of thing, including hair, and yank it!

A bit last minute as it was a long day.. and week... but we do like to make a cake to mark quarter birthdays when the boys are young. Nana thought we were crackers, though Rafi really enjoyed it.

So lucky to have little Poppet and my little boy wonder.


  1. So lovely. Not that you've been so ill though x

  2. Great post and photographs of Charlie's big 3rd month birthday! The months are flying by! Great cake too xx

  3. Adorable! I had no idea you had been so poorly. I am so out of the loop! Hope you're all better now!! xxx