Friday, April 1, 2011

Snow Day

It does seem as though Mother Nature is having a joke with us given it's April 1st and we've had a snow day. We are ready for winter to be well and truly over. The nice thing about a snow day, though, is that I got to stay home with Raf, and we had a pretty nice day.

Raf is a real snuggler and even if I turn my back on his during the night he taps me on the back until I turn back around and give him a cuddle. But aside from blowing kisses he doesn't give a lot of kisses. This morning I went upstairs to grade some papers for a while, at some point Rich and Raf came upstairs and we all sat on the bed reading and chatting. All of a sudden Raf started kissing me and then Rich... over and over again, a smacker on the lips, back and forth, back and forth. I have to say that it was quite adorable.

As regular readers will know, Raf loves to dance. I mean he LOVES to dance! Watching an episode of Peppa earlier he danced to vigorously I thought he was going to cause himself an injury! He's working on 'jumping' and it's very funny to watch. I'll try to get it on film.

Raf also produced his first piece of art today! He has a tendency to just hold as many crayons as he possibly can as opposed to using them to draw, but he's enjoying sitting in his booster seat at the table, lately, and today, while Rich worked, he sat at the table and produced two masterpieces :)

I must have mentioned Raf;s love for all things train.. he just loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Here he is this evening after his bath clutching his Thomas bath toys Rich bought him earlier this week.

We've been doing a lot of house hunting recently. Earlier this week Raf and I (Rich was at work and then in class) along with our realtor visited a couple of houses and a couple of plots of land. It's exciting and stressful to be on the verge of moving, but we're ready! Here's the mucky little Raf checking out some stairs in a house that was not quite finished.. so it was DUSYT! We went through two pairs of trousers because of mud and dust that afternoon!

I'm not sure how he got so big but Raf is really growing up. I spend a lot of my time saying aloud, 'what a great little boy we have', and I have to admit that while I LOVE seeing him grow into a little boy, I am already missing the baby and infant that Raf has ceased to be.

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  1. I love snow days! In April though?! Nevermind, summer is only four months away!

    What a great day it was, art, music, with Peppa & Thomas putting in an odd appearance or two. How do you do it all Rafi? Don't forget to scratch your name on those etchings, you never know if this was the start of your much sought after 'early works.'