Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oh deario, where did this little boy come from? All of a sudden - well, today - we've had a lot of tears, many meltdowns, many lying on the floor (including road, gravel, car-park) moments when Rich and I were just left scratching our heads. We had to pop to the mall this afternoon and as Raf realized we were NOT going to Borders, he just screamed and screamed.. and screamed as we walked into Macys. Rich ended up taking him to Borders while I ran a few chores, but even Borders wasn't too pretty. He seems to have a bit of a temperature so I'm wondering if it's just that he is a bit sick. Lordy, I hope it's just that he's sick!

Despite all of that, though, we had a busy and nice weekend. Yesterday Raf came to work with me to help out with 'Accepted Students' Day", and then we headed to the beach for a quick walk. It was Raf's first time to the beach since last year, and it was like he'd never been before. It was so sweet to see him in awe of the sea. He kept pointing to the sea shouting out his word for water (which does not actually sound like water!), and then he ran around with the wind in his hair, enjoying the sights and sounds.

After that we went to a home show in Portland, which was also not that pretty, and then the park... fun but also a bit of a challenge. This morning on a family walk Raf got out of his stroller to walk a bit, and even though it went quite well he did not want to hold hands... Trying to explain to a 21 month old that they need to hold your hand or be carried on a pretty busy road did not go that well... he relented to hand holding but it was short lived and I ended up having to put him over my shoulder and carry him home like I was a firefighter!

Oh, and have I mentioned how getting him to sleep is going lately?....


  1. sounds wonderfully exhausting, and I say that sitting here with tendonitis from hoisting my kiddo everywhere, half-closed eyes from the energy output, and a sore face from smiling back at him with love. xo

  2. Alex, ((((Hugs))) to you guys and little Rafi. I totally understand you! We are going through the same. Our kids are the sweetest and cutest but there are days which are little harder to deal with.

    Lovely pictures, Rafi is as cute as always :)

  3. hon, remember at times like this when you're scratching your head that you're not alone and that no one else got that bloody manual either! just a bit of paper with "love him" scratched on it - and that you're doing fiercely and wonderfully. lots of love x

  4. Thanks, all of you! ae, I hear you! Poor Rich has a frozen shoulder/neck from Raf lying on him and I wake up with a stiff back every morning! It's totally worth it. And so glad that little C is just being delightful. He is so VERY delightful. xx

    Ut's so true, Raami.. so sweet, and yet this is the age when they get so frustrated and they don't know what to do with it. But still utterly adorable! x

    Thanks, Lou. He is such a great boy and you can see that so much of his frustration is coming form us not understanding him. If he lets me I rub his back or hold his hand when he's getting upset and tell him it's okay to be cross and that I see he's very frustrated. I have no idea if he's really understanding, though! You have a lot of people looking at you when you have a crying toddler.. I'm doing my best to just be calm, to ignore the onlookers, and to think of ways to deescalate the poor little thing. I think one thing I didnt do yesterday was to understand that Raf was simply not okay to run a chore and left him at home.. and then I didn't plan for the chore as well as I might have done. I did at least have a plan for leaving Borders, and he trotted behind me I told him we had to go... (with a piece of wooden fruit in his hands!!).


  5. Just a note to say I so admire the wonderful, thoughtful job you and Richard do as parents. Sounds like you're doing everything right, though I know it's so very hard to slog through times like this. xoxo

  6. i do feel that we have to be mind readers with our little ones... and stay one step ahead of them before frustration spikes! but i can promise that it will get better... even in six months time he and you will find everything so much easier (as communication and comprehension picks up!) xxx

  7. Thanks, Jen xx

    That's good to keep in mind, Kate!!! He does seem to be back to his usual self, so I think that at least some of it was feeling poorly, but I can see that the frustration is there, nonetheless. And, indeed, we all have crappy old days!

    I'm looking forward to the time when he can really express himself, though.. and when I can understand him better!

  8. You have a toddler. :)

    I still want to babysit. :) Love you guys!