Saturday, April 16, 2011

from baby to little boy

I just love the little boy that Raf is becoming. He is so funny and sweet, and while last weekend we saw Raf's frustrated and determined side, all week we've been enjoying this little character who makes us laugh as we sigh in disbelief that our little Raf is growing up... much MUCH too quickly.

Some new favourite things:

1) Hiding in cupboards

2) Giving big kisses on the lips! We were signing some contracts this week and Raf was sat on my lap, and all of a sudden he put his arms around my neck and gave me a huge kiss on the lips. This morning, too, when he thought I was asleep I got another big kiss on the lips... aw.

3) Raf thinks all fruit are called 'apples'... he just loves 'apples' of all kinds. Here he is eating a very big apple, which looks very much like a melon. He likes to eat all fruit in the way he eats apples!

4) He is his mama's son for he just adores chips (i.e. fries!). We don't have them often but in the last two occasions we've had them in a restaurant or as takeaway he has scoffed them down like there's no tomorrow.

5) When we walk the pups around the neighbourhood (a 2 mile loop) he loves to get out of the stroller part way around and walk/run after 'the boys'. He usually walks with either 2-3 Thomas books in his hand, or all three bath squirter Thomas trains.. yes, we stop a lot as there is a lot of dropping.

6) Buses.. he really loves to say the word 'a-bus', and he excitedly pointed out two today on our way into Portland.

7) Walking up and down stairs... and up and down and up and down.

Such a great little boy.


  1. i love this! i love seeing how much you celebrate and appreciate rafi for his uniqueness (and oh wow is he ever adorable!)
    xo fia

  2. ditto to what fia said. sometimes I smile thinking about how raf will one day be able to read this and know just how loved and appreciated he's always been x

  3. Dear Alexandra,

    Huzzah, Rafi! Watermelon is my favorite food ever so we could totally be buddies.

    He looks so much like you. I see it, I truly do. My heart wells up when I think of you being his mother.

    With care and respect....

  4. Rafi enjoying a melon and thinking it as an apple is totally lovable :) What a cute little boy!! I wonder how kids relate things to what they know. The other day while cooking I was about to cut the bitter gourd and Raami who was with me said "crocodile" pointing to the veggie! I was all surprised :)

    Our kids are growing up so fast!!

  5. Lovely post - it's a wonderful ride to watch Raf grow and explore, to see his world expand (except when he's in a cupboard...), but also be so close to us night and day! Where is the pause button? xx

  6. Thanks, all.. I have to say that it's a JOY JOY JOY to be Raf's mama. He is such a fun and sweet little boy. x