Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family catch-up

Such a busy week. Our nanny needed some time off this week so we were really stretched... Added to that Raf's sleep has been dreadful. He has another cold, which keeps him up at night, but worse is getting him to sleep, which never really was a problem. it's been taking TWO hours every night. Since we're both short on time this is a bit of a nightmare, especially since Rich is out a lot in the week for school and work meetings, and this week I was doing classroom visits (observations of adjuncts and tenure track faculty), grading, writing assessment plans for the college's core, rewriting our own department's curricula (we have a couple of programs) and then extra things such as award ceremonies (well done to my dear friend Jen - an often visitor to this blog) for receiving the HIGHEST award that can be given to a faculty. It is so deserved, and it also reminded me that I am not personally close to winning ANY such award. I'll leave it for a blog post on my other blog to whine about these things - about trying to manage parenting, work, and mental health - and honestly how it is just impossible to do it all without being institutionalized... well, at least for me.

In family news we put an offer in on a building plot/building package. We had ideas of buying some land and designing our own home, but then the realization of a) how much it would be to do that, b) how time consuming it would be... so we're hopefully moving forward on a build package. This would be wonderful as we still get to do some basic design things (like an extra room over the garage), eco-flooring, fireplaces, kitchens, and bathrooms... Mind you this is all hinging on the town buying our current home. Our house is under contract but, alas, we have to wait for a referendum in June. We're VERY nervous. We'll either be drinking a glass of champers mid-June, or downing the entire bottle.

We're definitely thinking it's time for another little one. How realistic this is I cannot really determine. For one I am still nursing and also training for a half ironman in September.. neither which lend themselves to good fertility. The half ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run) will be a consolation prize if it doesn't happen... Of course I simply cannot keep quiet about these things and even though I told Rich we'd tell no one apart from close family if it happens, I know myself enough to know that I'll likely be blogging about it before it's even official! I wish I could be more discreet.

In Rafi news... despite the sleeping issues (just when you think it couldn't get worse!), he continues to be his funny little self. He is a great ball thrower, and has me standing in the garden while he throws the ball off the deck, down the stairs (which are blocked off by a baby gate), playing a very fun game of catch. I'm amazed by how accurate he is, and also he has caught the ball a couple of times (quite accidentally, of course) - which helps make up for his lack of expressive language :)At least he can throw a ball.. and he in fact likes to say 'ball'.

I do love his little voice, though, and lately he has been doing a lot more pointing and labeling. His favorite things to point out are APPLES! He just adores apples... He also likes to shout CAR and CHOO CHOO and BUS. Oh, and 'diddies' during the night... just guess what that means.

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  1. Yay for throwing a ball Rafi!! Way to go sweetie!

    Rafi's diddies are Raami's unga :-)