Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Chapter...

Hi everyone - I've been a bit lax recently and I've been meaning to write this post for about a month, which is just as well - since we (Raf & I), are still reading the same book, which is the topic of this post - the importance of reading to children. It's a pet project of mine (moving beyond board books), since the love of reading I believe starts early - and hearing many and varied words early must play into that on some level - so that's why every night as we have some time upstairs before the lights go out - I've whipped out Roald Dahl's 'Danny The Champion of The World' for a chapter or two - as Raf bounces around the bed. Seemingly oblivious to the adventures of Danny and his beloved Dad in Hazell's Wood - I read on regardless, feeling that my efforts must be working on some 'hidden' level, as I try to bring to life Dahl's wonderful array of characters to Rafi's ears. When he's finally asleep, I switch to a current read - Miyuki Miyabe's 'Shadow Family' being careful not to read aloud as I don't think a dark Japanese detective novel would be apt for a toddler. I plan to continue this reading project until Rafi is about 18, do you think he will mind?


  1. Jocelyn loves books! I think if she had the choice we would do nothing but read and nurse all day long :-)

  2. cute and what a good practice to read the book everynight to your little one!! I am sure Rafi would be proud of pet project when he grows up :)