Friday, April 29, 2011

3 chocolate fairy-cakes makes for a lovely Easter

Bit late with our Easter weekend post, but unfortunately I was sick for most of it and only started to feel better on Tuesday. Alas, Raf picked up some tummy bug, too, and he was sick the second half of the week. In spite of sickness, though, we had a lovely Sunday with a family run (replete with stops because I was so poorly), a ride in the car to the building plot we'll hopefully eventually end up buying (fingers crossed) and then an Easter tea with chocolate cake and fairy-cakes. Raf ADORED the cake and unexpectedly knew the words 'chocolate cake' (his own version) which must have been learned from Peppa Pig as we rarely have cake... (see how educational Peppa Pig is?).

Anyway... Easter in a few pictures.

Our attempt to find Raf something akin to a 'lovey'... a plush Thomas the Tank Engine :)

Spring book.


  1. my friend, please take care - running when you're sick?! nuts! anyway, glad you had a good easter in spite of the lurgy. lots of love xxx

  2. Very sweet post! I am glad you are feeling better--and that Raf is, too. Sounds like you had a really lovely Sunday. xoxo!