Thursday, October 16, 2014

Goodbye One... New Nanny!

This is Charlie's last day as a 1 year old! And today he had his first day with a nanny and his friend, Annie. We have some lovely new neighbours with a little girl a couple of months younger than Chas. They get on so well! Annie's nanny moved up from NH with the family and they were interested in a nanny share. Their nanny, Audrey, is fantastic. So lovely and phenomenal with children. 

I have been a bit poorly and this morning was very sick but we all walked up to Annie's. I had told Charlie that he'd be spending the day with his friend, and he was literally beside himself with excitement. He cried all the way through a morning bath because he wanted to go there directly... and then he helped me pack his bag. We only had a few minutes to spare so we said a quick goodbye and Charlie was completely non-plussed about us leaving! We've never left him with anyone without Rafi being there, too. Audrey said he didn't even ask for us!! 

Audrey sent me this sweet photo of the two of them playing 'doctors'. 

And she must be a miracle worker because Audrey got Charlie to sleep... and he slept soundly for over two hours.

When I picked him up he was utterly underwhelmed. Barely looked up... though Annie ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. It truly couldn't have gotten better. This evening Charlie asked to go to bed around 6:45... and he's out cold. I have a feeling he had a lot of fun today. I think Annie might be his first best friend. 

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