Sunday, October 26, 2014

Charlie's birthday weekend!

Last Friday Charlie turned TWO! Difficult to believe... we had a super fun weekend to continue the celebrations. Raf was at school, Rich and I were at work, so Chas spent most of the day with Annie and Audrey. I picked him up early for a late lunch and we had a nice afternoon together before heading to Raf's swim class, which preceded our family birthday party.  Charlie discovered the box to his special birthday pressie - a ride-on little truck. He was very excited.

Birthday lunch...

Birthday tea...

Lovely boys.

Raf was very keen to open the pressies...

A basketball hoop from Nana!

Aunty Bex sent a very cool dress-up construction worker kit.

Uh oh... road works.

One of Charlie's favourite presents was a book called 'Good night. Good night, Construction Site'! Thanks Aunty Alice and Uncle Christian for that and the other lovely gifts.

The next morning, after more swim classes, we tried to beat the forecasted rain as we headed to a big maze. Charlie fell asleep en route, so we decided to nix that plan and headed to a local farm to do some apple picking as they also have a little hay maze in a barn. Raf had tremendous fun whilst Chas had a little sleep.

Then we zipped the other way - all the boys (including Rich!) sleeping, and took a trolley ride. It was one of the loveliest trolley's we'd ridden in all season long, with heat on, too!

All of us starving, we ate at a restaurant in Kennebunk, where Charlie finished off the biggest bowl of pasta! He was starving.

Construction worker Charlie...

Reading his favourite construction book...

On the Sunday we headed to a friend's birthday party! At the ice-rink... To say we feared disaster would be understating it. But Raf had a fine time, even though he exclaimed, 'that was a disaster', as he hobbled off the ice. Another mum (who can skate!) took him back on and he did much better. He really did have fun. Even Charlie had a quick go....

We truly are an appallingly bad ice-skating family!

Fun birthday celebration!

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