Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Fun

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend of sunny weather in  the high 70s, low 80s. We had a lot of stuff planned and very much made the most of it, despite Rich working Saturday late afternoon, evening. After swimming classes on Saturday morning we headed to the Trolley Museum to pick out some pumpkins. It's a lovely set up. They fill a field with pumpkins and you hop on the trolley to get to it. We were dropped off and had a fun time picking out some pumpkins, painting them (Charlie was a bit of a nightmare with the paint!) and some face painting fun.

All aboard! Charlie getting ready to depart.

We're here!

A little heavy for Charlie...

Trying to stop Charlie from mixing up all the paints and spilling the massive pots of water...

On the other side of Raf's pumpkin was a train... of course!

I was surprised that Charlie sat still while the young woman painting a pumpkin on his face. Of course he smeared it off almost immediately.

We checked our pumpkins in (and got a token so we could pick it up when we arrived back at the station), and we hopped back on the trolley to continue the loop. The trees were glorious, the sun was warm, and since we had gotten there early we managed to avoid the huge crowds

Raf proudly placed his pumpkin on the step when we arrived home!

The next morning we headed to Dole's Orchard for one of our very favourite things to do: apple picking. Unfortunately it was so hot so we couldn't stay there for long as we were exhausted and boiling after just an hour. Still, the boys had a lovely time picking plums and apples, going on a hay ride, and playing on an old tractor. We plan to go back next weekend...

With such warm temperatures we took an impromptu trip to the beach! The boys played in the sand, I lay on the rug, and Rich - surprising us all! - jumped in the sea! Brave man.

We took chips home to eat and both boys passed out quickly. Such a brilliant weekend.

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