Sunday, October 12, 2014

2 x 20 = 40!

We have quite a few milestones to celebrate! Rich turned 40 in September (I know he's been meaning to write a blog about it!), we celebrate our 20 years together anniversary this coming Tuesday, and Charlie turns 2 next Friday! We decided to have a party to celebrate all three occasions in the form of a 2 x 20 = 40 party. We invited lots of friends from our neighborhood, Charlie's pals, and some friends from work. It was such a lovely time. Charlie was spoilt rotten with some lovely pressies, and Rich and I very unexpectedly received 2 restaurant gift vouchers with offers to babysit, some lovely plates, a good bag full of vegan treats, and a very generous gift card to LL Bean. People brought very delicious food to share, and most importantly, we got to spend a really brilliant afternoon with some of our best friends.

Here is the house before the kids hit..

Within seconds it had descended into a bomb site (popcorn cups seem like a fantastic idea until you find popcorn in literally every single room of the house, ground into the carpet! We were very lucky that the sun came out, after a wet morning. We had a lot of guests so we were glad for the outside and deck. 

Getting ready to sing happy birthday!

I hope others have good pictures as Rich was a little bit distracted and forgot to take snaps!

Then we sung happy birthday to Rich(!) and Raf got to blow out the candles.

I gave Charlie a cupcake but he soon thought, 'what the heck?' and started to dig into the quarter cake that had been left in front of him!

Then chaos ensued with the present opening! It was a free for all so we have no idea who brought what, but Charlie was chuffed to pieces with his many cars, trucks, books, blocks, and more.

After a massive clean-up, the boys played with the new toys and it was quite some thing to get Charlie away from his new goodies!

A very lovely time. We didn't get to take many photographs so if you have some, please do share them with us!

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  1. So wish we could have been there. Happy happy to all of you! xoxo