Sunday, October 5, 2014

1 month of kindergarten!

When asked Raf what his favourite part of kindergarten is, he'll habitually respond, 'recess'! He also likes 'choice time', when he gets to choose his own activity - such as playing with legos, trains, clay, etc. Raf's teacher offers the children quite a bit of 'choice time' in these early days, especially since they are so, so tired by the afternoon. He also loves to read, and in just a short few weeks, we're already seeing a big improvement in his handwriting, as he writes more and more lower-case letters (which are more difficult to do). In gym, they seem to play really fun games, and in music they've been learning some songs, which Raf likes to sing at home.

On Thursdays it's Raf's turn to share something with the class. The first week he shared that he likes 'chutes and ladders'. The next week we remembered we should try and help his remember something and he decided to share about his birthday. I sent some photos to his teacher, and she apparently passed her iPad around the class so all the other children could see. We forgot to discuss it with him this past Thursday, but he reports that he told everyone about visiting his cousins in England and in Spain, and about Nana's nasty fall (and her bloody nose) that she had last week!

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  1. So sorry about your mom, Alex! I hope she is all healed up soon. So cute about Raf sharing. He is really flourishing! xoxo