Sunday, March 2, 2014

Double Trouble/The Return Of Movie Night

As Charlie has become more mobile and into everything - cupboards, stairs, standing on the sofa with many falls and tears - he has acquired a sweet nickname from Raf of 'Double Trouble.' So whether Charlie is bashing the television, half way up the stairs or throwing train tracks - we hear 'Mum, Dad - look it's Double Trouble! Or 'oh no it's Double Trouble!' Charlie takes the nickname in his stride...

With our busy schedules, Nana's visit etc we'd not been scheduling our movie night until this past Saturday. With Rafi's choice of movie we settled down in the dark with popcorn and ice pops for....'King Of The Railway!' A Thomas and friends feature length special no less! With fine performances from Thomas, James and Percy and not forgetting a memorable turn from the old steamy Stephen - we were enthralled for over an hour - though Mummy skipped out with Charlie to bed before the end, for some reason!!

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