Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Joyous Runner

It has been a long old winter - from early December to nearly April we've been hit by periods of snow and intense cold - and none of us are too happy about it. Indeed most people we know are tired of this never-ending winter and long to be outdoors without several layers of clothing and hitting the beaches and trails once more.

So getting outside when it's cold/snowy is a big challenge and keeping active is harder during these winter months - even our basement activities require a few layers. So at Rafi's preschool they are resorting to getting the kids to run up and down their one big long corridor to get their legs moving and hearts pumping. It's an accident waiting to happen but a few days ago we got to experience this happening as we picked up Rafi. It was suppose to be one kid racing with another - but quickly descended into a mob scene of kids howling down the corridor with Rafi in the middle of it - and what a great thing to see since Raf loves to run with absolute joy! Head back, mouth open, arms a-shaking, smiling and not one bit of competition with the others - which was a good thing since he was too busy looking at the ceiling!! He must have done 10 lengths in about two wild minutes - we were very proud of our little runner (of sorts...)

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