Saturday, March 15, 2014

"I know you love me, Charles'.

Raf is quite a protective big brother. As I tried to get Charlie to sleep, who was crawling up and down the bed, around and around... for an hour... I said sternly, 'come on, Charlie, it's time for night-nights now'. Raf called down from the top bunk, 'he didn't mean to, mummy'. And yet Charlie is quite an annoying little brother to Raf! Poor Raf was just trying to watch a show when Charlie decided he wanted to wrestle.

Raf usually takes this fairly well. Here he is leaning in for a kiss. I missed the actual moment myself, but Rich overheard and spied Raf leaning in for a kiss, and with his arms around Charlie, he said, 'I know you love me Charles'!

They have such a good time together, and while I was having doubts about whether more than one kiddo was a good idea as Charlie pulled an all-nighter on Wednesday night, we wouldn't have it any other way. Such a joyous little soul.

One thing we never have, though, is a tidy house. Living with 5 males (two of them dogs) is a messy business. We have quite different ideas about what constitutes clean and tidy. Were we to have more kids, I hope that we have one that enjoys tidiness. Here is Raf, who has re-arranged the sofa cushions. 

 And they are mad, mad, mad about trains. Charlie loves them as much as his big brother. Indeed they barely play with anything else, and they play with them everywhere.
Rafi.. so proud of Char'v'es.

I couldn't adore these boys more. So funny and loving.

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