Friday, July 5, 2013

Swimming and Parades.

It's been hot and steamy here this past few days. Today was a bit of a misery fest as it was just too hot and humid to do much of anything. Yesterday, though, was a super nice day. Charlie woke up early (as usual!) and I took him out for a lovely early morning run as we tried to beat the heat. He's a great little training partner - unlike his brother who weighs much more and tells me to, 'run faster'.

When we got home we went right back out again and headed to a parade. Raf had such a fun time. Mind you, as the people on the floats thew out candy it was pretty cut throat as the kids wrestled for the sweets. I had to get in there and help Raf out. Those kids were ruthless.

After some quiet time at home we hit the beach for some late afternoon/early evening swim time. Raf was all ready.

I took Raf in the sea (bloomin' cold but gorgeous in the almost 100 degree heat) and he kept saying, 'Oh, I love the beach, mummy', 'what a fun day'.

After the beach we headed out to get some chips! The plan was to come home, eat, and then get ready to go out again to watch the fireworks. It was clear, though, that Raf was not going to last. We took him up to bed and he was asleep in minutes. Bless him. 

More hot weather tomorrow and on Sunday - Raf's birthday. Charlie isn't a fan of the big heat so we're hoping for a reprieve soon. 

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  1. Lovely blog and photographs of our sunny & hot 4th of July celebrations (or the 'letting go' to us Brits!) Al mixing it with 6 year old kids in the dash for sweeties is something to remember!!