Thursday, July 11, 2013

4 years old.

Little Rafi turned 4 on Sunday. This felt like a really big milestone, which I wasn't really expecting. No longer an infant, a toddler, and barely a preschooler - 4 feels like the dawn of a new era. I honestly feel a little bit sad as we're very close and of course as he develops new relationships and friendships become deeper, his connection to us changes. 

IN saying all that, he is a pretty young 4 year old - although he did say to me on Monday when I asked him if he needed help with something, 'no thanks, mum, I can do it myself. I'm 4 now'!

Anyway, we had a super fun 4th birthday! We're having a friends' party for Raf when my sister gets here in a couple of weeks. He's pretty excited about that.

Before we headed to the beach for a morning picnic, Raf got to open a little gift. It was a big hit as he's recently developed a like for all things space.

Of course, as soon as we got to the beach - despite it being in the 80s by 8am - it started to drizzle. It didn't deter us, though.

Racing dad...

We couldn't convince him to get changed from his swimsuit and it was straight into opening pressies.

From baby Charlie.

Stomp Rockets... a huge hit!

Some favourite books from Great Aunty Linda.

A space puzzle.

And a brilliant red rocket from Nana!

And a very big surprise present... a new bike. We couldn't have hoped for a better reaction. He was so happy.

Another trip to the beach for a late afternoon swim

And home for a birthday tea!

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  1. Super sweet blog and photos of Rafi's big 4th birthday!! It was a great day - from him seeing his bike to the beach - a very happy chap!!