Saturday, July 27, 2013


Today was Rafi's 4th birthday party! We've been waiting to celebrate - as we did last year - until his cousins arrived. We'd been hoping for good weather as, frankly, the summer has been sort of awful as we veer from 90 plus degree days to rainy days in the 60s. All week I've been obsessively checking the weather to see what we had in store because hosting a party inside was not going to be fun.

The weather Gods were smiling down on us, though, as we enjoyed blue skies all morning long. Even better, the awful mosquitos kept away allowing us to enjoy some really super outdoors conditions. Some of our favourite people were there, we'd cooked up some good food and had some fun decorations.

And then, as the party got going, Raf came over to me and said he felt 'shy' and was tired. He seemed really sad and we assumed he was just feeling overwhelmed by everything. I carried him around hoping he'd warm-up, but he was just getting worse. After the saddest 'happy birthday' song ever, I took him upstairs and within a few minutes he was asleep... and then, I realized, he was burning up a fever. Poor old Raf was super poorly. Some medicine helped to rally him, but he slept the party away and later this afternoon he burned up another fever and had horrible chills. 

I feel so sad for him that he effectively missed his own party but everyone else seemed to have a good time, and at least he had fun in the water with his friends before he checked out.

We'll have to celebrate again soon. 


  1. As always - lovely post and photos. It was a great party and though Raf missed the later parts - he did enjoy it up to that point. Also he recovered somewhat to play hungry hippos and eat chips later - so not a complete wash-out for him. Plus the baked goods went down a storm again!!!

  2. Just look at that fabulous cake! Did you make it Alex?
    I'm sorry that poor Rafi was feeling poorly on his special day but glad that he rallied later on.
    Four years already?!! xx