Thursday, July 18, 2013

'It's dangerous....'

As we are seeing Charlie's development in moving forward (poor doggies are now in his reach) - we are also experiencing much development in Rafi's language skills - the amount of new words and how he applies them in different situations. From the 'I have a question for you...' and the common 'why?' Raf is using his words to tell us about his ever expanding and sometimes scary world. He presently seems to be concerned with safety and will frequently remark 'Its dangerous...' Asked a few days ago what particularly he finds dangerous - it included bridges, the sun, forks in the head(!), cars (can hurt your fingers...), roofs and knives (again they can hurt your fingers...). All pretty understandable child anxieties/concerns and we have obviously mentioned all of these to him at various points - with the exception of forks in the head which had us stumped but could unfortunately happen given the wrong set of circumstances! He has also been recalling the fate of the Titanic which came up briefly in a A-Z book of the sea - and how the poor people had to jump off and the boat tipped up - he is definitely concerned with safety and wanting others to be safe. A future health and safety inspector in our midst or a therapist or a doctor? It could go many ways...

We also did a first real go at I-Spy in the car as we were heading to the lake surrounded by thousands of trees...

Mummy: Rafi, I -spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter T.

Rafi: Tires

Mummy: Not tires, something else outside...

Rafi: Trains

Mummy: Good guess, but there's no train's outside. I'll give you a clue - they are green...

Rafi: Grass!

Mummy: Lots of green on top...

Rafi: Broccoli!

We will work on I-Spy...

We also did Rafi's alphabet - gauging what he associates with each letter (he knows the whole alphabet but we got about half way before the appeal wore off...)

A - Apples
B - Ballons
C - Cole (preschool friend)
D - Doggies
E - Eggs
F - Fox
G - Grapes
H - Henry (as in Thomas train character)
I - Ice cream
J - James (favourite Thomas train character)
K - Kiltie (family dog)

It's great to hear all these new words and sayings - plus his singing and own versions of songs - sort of mash-ups with many references to trains and crashes - and the constant witterings of a four year old - Raf is coming into his own...

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