Saturday, July 6, 2013

Goodbye Three!

THREE: You're been terrific and terrible and wonderful and tyrannical. You've been amazing and maniacal and funny and exhausting. Little Rafi grew from a little boy of few words into a bigger boy with many, many words. He's funny and indignant and brilliant and utterly unreasonable. He started preschool, made best-friends and became the most loving and sweet big brother. 

Rafael, our lovely boy, this is the last day of your threes. People tell us that 4 is 'easier'. Somehow I find this difficult to believe, but don't stop being you, Little Boy Wonder: be your sweet, vulnerable, feisty, loving self. We love you. 


  1. happy birthday, cutie pie :)

  2. Captured Raf at three perfectly - here's to his fourth year and having lots of fun as his world continues to expand. We love you Raf xxx