Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent: Days 7, 8, and 9.

Day 7: Trip to buy a Christmas book


This was a bit of hectic advent day as I had both boys on my own and Rich was going to be home late. I managed to get both boys to Target, intending to head to the bookstore afterward, but I couldn't face the prospect of getting Raf away from the toys in a timely manner and then schlepping them both to the bookstore (oh, those darn carseats!), so Raf picked a book from Target and it wasn't the greatest selection. Still, he did find a Christmas book about critters!

Day 8: First day of Hanukkah Celebration

We were invited to our friend Ayala's Hanukkah celebration, and Raf was super excited to be going to a 'party!' Many of our friends were there and it was a real treat to see everyone. Ayala put on a lovely evening and we had a great time. There were even vegan latkes, and my goodness they were delicious! Rafi was really lucky to light the first candle. I was a bit worried that he'd think it was a birthday candle and would try to blow it out. This was our first Hanukkah celebration!

Rafi had a lovely time, and Charlie got lots of cuddles from lots of other guests at the celebration. Ayala gave Rafi a bubble machine, which really made his night. We had a lot of tears when we returned home  when we told him he had to wait until tomorrow to play with it, but this morning he was in heaven as Rich got it working.

Day 9: Santa's Coming to Town!

Today we headed to another Santa event at college (but on the other campus). We weren't expecting to be there too long given we'd only seen Santa last week, but I'd overlooked the fact that there would be a bouncy castle there! Rafi ran straight to the castle and proceeded to jump and go up and down the slide it included for a full hour. The energy was incredible! He did have a quick sit on Santa's lap in between going on the bouncy castle...

He also took a quick break to decorate - well, eat, a cookie. And then he was back to the bouncy castle.


  1. Awesome pics! Looks like you're all having a great Advent. The cookie looks really delicious, too!

  2. Wonderful photos! It was so fun to see all of you! :-)