Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We're a little behind with blogs... lots of advent adventures, though we had to skip a few days because a horrible bug has ripped through the house and all of us have been sick. Last night I started to come down with the virus going around and I have been a pretty miserable person because of it. Thankfully Charlie is at least showing signs of getting better. Nevertheless, we did have a really lovely Christmas.

Christmas Eve: Rafi leaves a snack for Santa. We didn't have time to make a mince pie so we left him cherry pie, a glass of soya milk, carrots for the reindeer, and, per Raf's request, a juice box for them, too. 

Before bedtime we enjoyed a pot of carrot and coriander soup with a delicious salad and garlic bread and then it was off to bed.. well, after a goodnight christmas eve kiss between the boys.  

Charlie has been really poorly and the night before Christmas eve he had a terrible night's sleep. He slept really well on Christmas eve, as did Rafi, but of course I was wide awake very early on and I could hardly wait for the boys to wake up! Alas, Charlie basically slept through the entire morning. 

I think that Raf had sort of forgotten that it was Christmas, and when I reminded him he shot up in bed and found his stocking! He was so excited and ripped through his stocking in record speed.

And then he moved on to Charlie's stocking... while poor old Charlie slept through the entire thing. 

Eventually Charlie woke up and he joined us downstairs for some breakfast: a stack of banana pancakes and festive muffins. 

Getting ready to open some pressies. 

So many generous gifts. Trains figured highly, of course, but so did puzzles and legos, which he was super happy about. Mum was much too generous and Raf was properly spoilt with a host of gifts and another stocking. Fantastic pressies from his aunts in England, too, and some nice pyjamas from his Granddad Steve and Grandma June. 

Making a train out of clay. 

Pre lunch walk with the pups.. and a nap for a super excited 3 year old.


My silly boys.

Very late Christmas lunch: tofurky, potatoes, and so many vegetables. Raf is a real fun of tofurky. 

Post-lunch toy playing.

One final present... a big digger.

We had dinner so late that all we had for Christmas tea was a cup of tea and some cake. Raf and I made a Christmas tree cake and it was pretty good. 

As we had our tea we watched 'The Snowman'. Raf was absolutely mesmerized.

Once Raf was in bed Charlie and I opened some of Charlie's remaining presents without the help of his brother. He's so sweet!

Again, lots of generous gifts!

A really wonderful day with my boys and my mum. Always some sadness that my dad isn't here, especially since he'll never meet Charlie, but in spite of the sickness the day was pretty great. Charlie's first Christmas... and it snowed, too!

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  1. What great Christmas words and images - really captured the organized craziness of our day! The snow and Raf's immediate love of 'The Snowman' were unexpected too!