Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent - Day 2.

Raf loves the Christmas tree... here are a couple of pics that I took with our proper camera and didn't get to post yesterday. He especially likes the star.

This morning he was very excited to see what was in the next envelope. We were up at the crack of dawn. I was up at 3:30am and Rich was up less than an hour later, followed by both boys. Fortunately today's activities demanded that we start the day early as we had a breakfast with Santa planned! The college where I work puts on this event annually, and while I didn't get tickets in time, our friend Amy had some spare ones so we were able to go.

We got there around 8:30am and had a nice breakfast, which Raf really enjoyed. There were arts and crafts as we waited for Father Christmas and when it was announced that he was on his way Rich was filled with anticipation. I have some great video on my phone that I'll have to upload, but suffice to say it was very sweet.

Sitting on Father Christmas' lap was a little more nerve-wracking, but he did amazingly well and hopped right on his knee but then seemed to shy away. Still, he did tell Santa that he wanted a train for Christmas :)

And then Charlie got to sit on Father Christmas' lap, too!

After breakfast Raf dropped off to sleep 3 hours earlier than his usual nap time! This was great because we were meeting Raf's friend, Rowan, to watch a Santa parade in a nearby town. I ended up staying at home with Charlie as I must admit that I am feeling so exhausted lately, but Rich took him for his second Christmas activity of the day and he had a wonderful time with his pal.

Aw, a favourite past time... chasing one another and running in circles.

Both managed to get in Rowan's stroller.

So much joy! Rich and Raf went back to Rowan's house and they had a lovely play date. Someone was very tired when he returned home. Tomorrow's activity will be very low-key!


  1. Great pics! I love Rafi's hat. We found all of J's Advent calendar pieces today so she has Mary and Joseph up now :)

  2. These make me so happy. I wish I was there x

  3. Great post of day No.2 of advent! It was a long and lovely day!! xx