Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent - day 1.

This year we decided to do an activity advent calendar. We haven't arranged things for every single day, but we do have some really great things planned. Yesterday Raf helped to decorate little envelopes  which we've hung up on the fireplace. He didn't know what they were for so he was super excited to see them all hanging up this morning.. 

Charlie was hanging out with us as we decorated the envelopes with festive stickers.

When Raf opened the first envelope this morning he was more excited than we could have imagined! Rich had drawn a picture of a tree and Raf proceeded to run around the house declaring that we were getting a Christmas tree! He told Charlie.. "look, Charlie, number one, we're going to get a Christmas tree..."

... and then he ran to Sammy to tell him! He did this a few times, going from Sammy to Charlie and back again to Sammy.

Charlie was pretty amused by it all. 

Raf kept the card close.

Here we are at the Christmas tree place (our local garden center). It was freezing and snowing, so a perfect day for choosing a tree!

There's Raf with the card...

Dad brings in the tree...

Raf helping his Dad tighten the tree.

Raf was incredibly excited!

He loved unwrapping the ornaments.

It was such a nice day after a morning of gym class and then the library... I was very sad, though, that we lost Charlie's blanket at the tree place (we think someone picked it up and took it). It was really the only thing I bought especially for Charlie. I think I may have to just replace it as I'm much sadder about it than I should be!


  1. Love seeing the snow. Oh I'm so sorry you lost Charlie's blanket! I am thrilled to see him in the Moby my mom made for you :) lots of love.

  2. Oh, I LOVE the moby! I use them both ALL of the time :)

  3. Oh, sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!!! What a fabulous idea (especially THIS YEAR, when I know you thinking about Raf having a new sibling with whom he must share your attention), and it is just so precious that he was so excited and clung to the card! The photos are wonderful, esp. the one of the whole family.

    I, too, am sorry about the blanket, though. :-( What kind of Scrooge would take a baby blanket at a Xmas tree lot?

    Sending xoxo to you all,

  4. What a fantastic idea and much more exciting than a chocolate calendar. You guys are such amazing parents. I'm sorry you lost your blanket. Go get another for sure.