Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent: Days 10, 11,...14 and 15.

Poor old Raf has been sick this week so we had to skip a couple of planned activities for advent. Still, we've had a few lovely days. My mum also arrived on Thursday evening!

Day Ten: Christmas Pajamas '

Both boys received some PJs. We took the opportunity to take a few photos for our holiday card (yes, a bit late - as ever!). Raf really was excited.

They were both so cosy and the next morning they enjoyed a nice hug and kiss in bed.

Day Eleven: Christmas Cookies

Raf had come home from nursery feeling poorly and with a fever. He told us his knees and throat hurt :) We still managed to decorate a few cookies, though Raf was more interested in eating the sweeties we'd gotten to decorate the cookies.

Charlie looks on....

Very artistic!

Day Fourteen: The Polar Express

We had to skip days 12 and 13. I collected my mum on the 13th and Charlie came with me. Poor old Raf was still poorly so he stayed home with his daddy. On Friday, though, he went to school and I collected him early to go on a very exciting ride on the Polar Express! His friend Rowan was also going and when his mum and I told the boys they were going (we arrived at school at the same time), the boys held hands and jumped for joy! Exciting times.

Raf was a bit maniacal in his excitement and I wondered if we'd ever locate his listening ears ever again! We managed to board the train, though, and the boys were very happy.

They catch sight of Santa!

Hot chocolate and cookies!

lots of fun with Rowan's dad's hat!

It was a really fun evening. We'd planned to head out for dinner afterward with Rowan and his folks but it was pretty clear from the crazy boys that it might be a bad idea given their tiredness and over-exctiement. Raf slept well last night!

Day Fifteen: Christmas Tree Decorating

Charlie helps!

Post decorating cuddle with Nana.


  1. Rafi is looking so grown up! I love the cookies and trees.

  2. Love all of these. Love all of you. Glad your mum made it over safely. Xoxoxo

  3. Some lovely photo's Alex ,nice to see Nana ,give her our best wishes , J & S x