Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's day

What a lovely mother's day! Rich and Raf really did make the day special. Lots of beautiful gifts and flowers and food - and some time with some of my favourite people. We headed out for a morning run but, alas, the chariot was a bit wonky and after we tried to fix it we totally broke it, so after a couple of miles we attached the chariot to Rich's bike and they followed me while I ran. We stopped at the store and shopped for some goodies, including a balloon (raf picked it) and a bright red ball for Raf.

After our run/cycle Rich sent me upstairs to get back in to bed so he and raf could make me breakfast in bed! Although it was 1pm by the time we ate, I have to say it was lovely to get back from a 9 mile run, hop in the shower, get back into my PJs and read the NY Times and my new triathlon magazine Rich brought upstairs... Sheer bliss. After breakfast they left me upstairs for more relaxing.

Helping me with breakfast.

Rafi picked me out a balloon at the store and then proceeded to run up the aisle with it. He also ran around the house with it before he gave it to me.

Raf wasn't too interested in having his pic taken this afternoon, but I did manage to snag a pic with me when Rich presented me with a huge plate of chocolate fairycakes! Gorgeous and so delicious.

Such a wonderful day. It doesn't get much better than this. x


  1. Happy Mother's Day! It looks like Rich and Rafi know how to treat you properly on your special day :-)

  2. So well deserved! What a sweet family you have.


  3. Aw...what a sweet day! Pictures are beautiful as always :) Give a kiss to Raf boy on my behalf :)