Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birds and Fishes

On Monday - one of our spilt work days where we try to figure out our schedules so we both get to do some work and Rafi time - we met at a library in a near-by town. These Rafi transfer sites usually varies depending on our needs/location/time and have included petrol (gas) stations, parks, gyms, bookstores and our workplaces as we kiss and go our separate ways...

So back to the library - a very nice library where there was a nice kiddies area and steps, for which Rafi loved going up and down, up and down whilst clutching building blocks. There was also a fish tank, which we think was Rafi's first exposure to fish - and whilst at first he was not that excited after a short while he kept running back and forth to the big tank then pointing towards the fish while jabbering away. I can't say what this meant in the great scheme of things but it was very sweet to watch and perhaps the start of an appreciation of all living things...

Then we arrived home, had lunch and went into the garden to potter around as Rafi bobs around between the car and garage. The bird feeders needed refilling (we are getting blue jays, cardinals, and a few cheeky chipmunks and squirrels to name a few visitors). So I pulled out the bird food, got down the feeders and showed Rafi once what to do - and he promptly filled the two feeders with the little scoop in a very delicate and measured way! OK we lost a few (hundred) seeds over his shoes and in his pants...Again it was very sweet and touching to watch, me filled with images of Rafi as a great ornithologist/conservationist in the Amazon repelling the advances of corporate greed and finding and protecting long-lost species. I'm planning to take up bird-watching/nature watching with camera over the summer - and with my little assistant in tow - don't worry we'll take our cell phones with us just in case....


  1. Aw, lovely post, Rich! Such a funny little boy!

  2. Oh, how sweet! That is one of those special moments that means so much more than it appears to do. I am so glad you noticed it and preserved it here.