Monday, July 19, 2010

Where have we been?!

Gah, it's been a week since I posted any thing.. Life is very busy, and, oddly, it seems even more busy than when I';m at work full-time.. We have so much going on and it's hard not to feel the absence of family who might be able to help out here or there. But, it's all good, in spite of the stress... so, WHAT have we been up to?!

1) We've been 'enjoying' something of a heatwave this past 2-3 weeks, which means that we've been spending quite a bit of time at the lake - both Sebago Lake (where we got married) and Otter Pond, a beautiful pond near to our house.

2) I'm training for a triathlon and Rich is planning on a duathlon. I'm wearing so many hats these days - from mama to department chair - and I sometimes have the sense that my life will revolve around meeting needs, so this is something I do in the hope of creating a little more balance. Frankly it's hard to find the time, and it causes its own brand of stress, but it's totally worth the sacrifices for both of us, and we manage to take Raf in the stroller and trailer at least 3-5 times a week so that we 'train' as a family. Raf loves the running/cycle trailer, which is very good news! This evening we rode to the lake and I had a quick dip but had to come home because a thunder storm was brewing... Raf LOVES to be in the water (did I write about his swim class?), and when I say 'kick those feet' he really seems to know to kick them as he lies on his tummy.

3) We are in the process of searching for a new nanny... Sigh. Jen is BRILLIANT and we absolutely adore her but the nanny share we're currently doing is a bit stressful. We share Jen with another couple who have a son Raf's age, but we have to drive to their house and its a long way away, so we're going to hire someone to come to our house. We're not ready - and I don't think Raf is - for Raf to be in a daycare type setting. We're interviewing a few people this week....

4) Jess our other baby-sitter (who also does some cleaning once a week) is working out great. She is very good with Raf and he is getting to new and different people. Rich and I have yet to really take advantage of the bit of time we have as we're always playing catch up with chores... or we go for a bike ride :)

5) On Sunday we had Raf's first year pics taken. We went to Pineland farm and spent a lovely sunny morning with the photographers who took his newborn shots. Trying to organize outfits was not easy! Can't wait for the proofs.

6) It's summer.. it's Tour de France time! Only a week left, but nothing is more summery to us than three weeks of cycling.


  1. hey sweety pie(s)
    glad you're getting in some thing for you, even though it involves a lot of planning etc. I wish I was nearby so I could come sit for you whenever you needed and to hang out at the lake with you. Love to all x
    PS can't wait to see pics

  2. What a nice update! And I, too, am really glad you are making this time for your own self, since the rest of your life is, indeed, devoted to meeting others' needs! (And you do it so well.)

    I'm sorry about the stress of switching nannies. I understand completely! I really hope you find someone soon. In your spare time, of course.

    The picture from the Lake/Pond looks lovely!

    We would LOVE to accompany you one of these days. . . perhaps this weekend? Let me know! We miss you!!!

    Sending lots of love,

  3. Aw..thats a sweet mom son duo :) Enjoy the summer! Thats so cute of Rafi on kicking the feet :)

  4. Thanks, all.

    I am really enjoying the training, though it involves a lot of time, and I am definitely paying for it in other areas.

    Jen, I've been meaning to respond to you on Sage's Diaries about the lake. We'd LOVE for you to join us. We're pretty open. We usually head to Sebago, and whilst we don't really stay there that long (1-2 hours) we always have a fun time splashing in the water.

    Let me know what day is best for you.

  5. It must be tough w/ two parents training. Although my hubbs golfs--which I sometimes think is worse. My longest runs are about an hour and 20 min right now, whereas he is gone for 4-5 hours! LOL!!

  6. Michelle,, dang, 5 hours? I'd be spitting!

    The chariot has been our saviour. Without it, and I don't think we'd be training for these races. Today I managed to get in a 50 mile bike ride by taking Raf for 22 miles and Rich came, too. Then I rode for 90 minutes on my own whilst Rich fed Raf and took him to the dump :) We live the high life! Almost all our runs are done with the three of us, so it's working out well. The biggest issue is swimming... which is why I don't do much of it!

    I'm planning on a bike ride post later!