Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've already mentioned that Rich and I are training for some multi-sport events. I have a tri and Rich has a duathlon coming up. Finding time to train for these isn't easy, but we're trying to be supportive of one another because it really feels important to everyone that we have something else to focus on - outside of work - otherwise it would be easy to be consumed by Raf. That wouldn't be a bad thing, perhaps, but I do think I might go a bit bonkers.. so, to preempt that we're making the time to run, bike, and swim - though swimming is hard to do.

We're mostly able to do as much as we do because of our beloved Chariot. This is a run stroller that can run, walk, hike, and, with the right attachments, it can be used as a bike trailer and as a ski-stroller. Seriously, you can by a ski adapter and x.c ski or snowshoe. Now this cost more - much more - than my first second hand car(!), but it's been totally worth it. We do most of our runs together - all three of us - and at least a bike ride or two a week. Biking is quite nerve wracking, though, as you have to ride on the road to get to some nearby trails. Until yesterday I would be the one to pull Raf (who is by no means a lightweight!), and Rich would ride behind us, making sure cars didn't come near us. That was my job last night and this morning... and I felt like a mama-bear protecting her little cub.

Tuesday mornings are our favourite session (are they yours, Rich?). On most Tuesdays we're out the door by 6-6:30am to run intervals around the block. We warm up by pushing the stroller and then, as one of us runs an interval, the other person walks with Raf... and then we swap. We really get an excellent workout this way, and it's efficient. The other fav is our long run on the trail. Raf usually falls asleep, but by the time we reach the end he usually wakes up and we take a dip in Otter Pond.

Today I wanted to get a long ride in on my bike, but I didn't fancy like being out for 3 hours without Raf, so we headed out all together for 22 miles. Raf LOVED it.. he would laugh and wave every time I rode next to him. When we all arrived home I headed out on my own for 90 minutes to make for a nice 50 mile bike ride.

I spliced a couple of clips together...

This is a picture of the first time we used the Chariot... we ran round the block and the wheel fell off! We actually caught it on film, which i'm sure I'll get around to posting one day. It was quite funny.

Yesterday we got another connector for Rich's bike so that he was able to pull Raf. It was very nice just riding beside them, I tell you!

Raf loves the Chariot... he often sleeps in there, but today, whilst I rode beside him when I could, he laughed and smiled and waved every time he saw me!


  1. love it. even if i think you're mad cycling so far etc! xxx

  2. Wow! You guys totally win for all the sport activities :) Handsome boy is enjoying the Chariot ride along with Mom and Dad :)

  3. How wonderful for all of you! Raf is clearly enjoying himself and will have no hope of being anything other than another athlete himself. :-)

  4. P.S. I mean that in a good way! :-)