Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Week

It's hard to believe that a year ago today I was in the hospital, withering around in pain (not from labour but from some kidney issues), getting ready to meet our sweet poppet. I remember being given cervidil around this time, and being told that I'd probably have Raf on the Wednesday (the 8th). I remember being so excited, despite not sleeping for a few nights before this night, as though it were Christmas eve... And with all that excitement I could not sleep, and poor Rich, who was trying to fall asleep on the couch in the hospital room, kept being woken up by me who asked him frenetically if he was excited! I remember beeping the nurse, Megan, to come and talk to me because the anticipation was just TOO MUICH! And so she came and sat with me, and rubbed my poor swollen legs, and I drifted in and out of sleep as I sat in the chair, and Rich and Megan chatted, and I asked them to continue because it was so soothing hearing the chit chat...

A whole year ago. I can't quite believe it, and I feel a little melancholy that it's passed so quickly, and of course full of absolute contentment for this has surely been the most wonderful year of all our lives.

Our little boy is turning one.

And we have been having a lovely time this birthday week. Our party on Saturday went really well. I will say that these things make me quite anxious. I wonder if people will turn up, whether the food will be edible, and, indeed, if it will be eaten. I worry about whether people will have fun, whether the children will be bored, and on, and on. I needn't have worried for some of our favourite people came and celebrated with us, showering Raf with love and gifts! And what a lovely time he had, too.

Since then we've been in the clutches of a heat wave, so, in an effort to keep Raf cool, we've been to the lake and Otter Pond q few times. On Sunday we took a family bike ride to the lake and we all swam. Raf seems to love the lake, and he giggles and smiles when we float him around. Yesterday, another steamer of a day, saw us at Sebago Lake... once again he was loving the water. This evening, with temps at around 100, we walked down to Otter Pond and put a very naked Raf into the Pond for another swim... What a perfect way to spend these birthday days.

And tomorrow is Rafi's birthday..,,


  1. 1 is such a significant milestone... especially with the first baby. i'll never forget benjamin's first birthday - such an incrediable year for all of us - so much change and development.... so many reasons to celebrate!

  2. So much crammed into one little year and one little boy. So much and yet the time whizzes by. Parenting must be a process of mourning what your kids will never be again and excitement (or at times, dread) of what's to come, but loving regardless. At least in general terms.

    Happy Birthday Raf!! I was just going to FB to say happy birthday to him there and stopped by here. And happy anniversary of your baby's birth al and R.

    I actually sent the little parcel yesterday! You may even get it just under a week late, which would be good for me!

  3. What a lovely post, Alex. I can't believe it's been a year! He is such a delightful, bright-eyed little boy and we're so happy for all of you!

    Happy birthday, Raf!

  4. I thought I saw Rafi and his dad at the local supermarket yesterday -- but since I don't know you folks outside of the Internet and don't comment often enough (I was in your DDC on MDC), I didn't say anything. And it probably wasn't them, anyway. :)

    Happy Birthday, Raf!

  5. bethanybob, oh wow.. maybe it was then.. they were at the supermarket yesterday! IN Hannafords in Standish... do you live around here?!! How funny would that be!

    Thanks, all.. I feel a wee bit melancholy that he's growing up so quickly!

  6. What a birthday week and what a wonderful year! I can't believe Raf is one already, there must be a pause button on his head somewhere! As for turning lighter, well that wasn't expected too - those Campbell genes!

    While we'll miss his 'static' baby days - we look forward to his second year and full walking - he's already giving us the runaround - so it's going to get more interesting around these here parts...

  7. I just know what that means, al! How many times a day are you thinking about it?

  8. Yes, it was the Hannafords in Standish. :) We live nearby on Rt. 25, about ten minutes from the store. Too funny!