Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Birthday Party!

Raf enjoyed his first birthday party (though we've celebrated quite a few mid=year birthdays, such as half a year, 2/3rds of a year, and so forth). But today we had a tea party and invited many of our friends to help celebrate. We had such a lovely time, though we're exhausted now and so I'll just post some pics of the day...

So here are a few pics of Raf, me, Rich, Jen, Sage, (another) Jen, Sierra, Kate, Dave, Eileen, Taylor, Thomas, Maggie, Greg, Beth, Scott, another couple also named Beth and Scott(!), Brian, Chris, Charlene, Bistra... did I miss anyone?!

Getting Ready!

Raf's friend, Sierra!

Everyone helped Raf open his presents. My favourite part was 5 year old Taylor telling his 3 year old brother, Thomas, 'No, Thomas, let the baby open them!".

Raf was quite shy for most of the party but when it came to singing Happy Birthday he just beamed and beamed the entire time! We even sang it twice :) I'll post a clip in a moment.


  1. aw, it looks so pretty and full of joy xox

  2. It was a lovely party - with great friends, food and weather, even a Jeeves and Wooster soundtrack for that British tea party feel!

    Thanks Al for making it all possible and making Raf's 1st birthday party a big success. I also look forward to a couple of weeks of cakes and fairy/cup cakes, with tea from various fancy teapots!!

  3. this brings back so many memories of benjamin's 1st birthday - almost 10 years ago now.... such a special time and such a significant occasion!

    kate xx

  4. Absolutely adorable pictures!! Looks like you all had lots of fun at the party :) From the pictures I can totally see Rafi enjoying his birthday party. Once again a very very Happy Birthday sweetheart :)