Monday, July 12, 2010

Raf's actual birthday... 7/7/10

We had quite the birthday week last week, and then rolled around his actual birth-day and we were pretty exhausted! Still, we had a super day and the weather was very good to us. We began the day with a quick bike ride for me(!), and the pups went to puppy daycare for the day (which is actually where they were when Raf was born last year). We then headed out into Portland for some breakfast. We visited the place where we opened the envelope to discover if we were having a girl or boy (remember the pic of complete shock and surprise?). We followed this up with a stroll around the Old Port were some kind woman in a very stylish boutique gave Raf a very lovely Birthday King hat! We nipped home and then went to Sebago Lake for the afternoon, which is possibly one of Raf's fav things to do. This kid just adores water... We finished off the day with a birthday tea and presents.

Morning, birthday boy...

here's our gorgeous child sucking on an orange slice...

En route home we drove by Mercy, where Raf was born.

We went to Sebago Lake for a swim in the afternoon.. Raf had a blast. He just loves the water. We spent at least 45 minutes in the water, and, at 4:18pm, whilst swimming around, we sang happy birthday to him. People might have thought we were a little bonkers.

Birthday Tea.

Happy Birthday (banana bread) cake!

Benny the Baby from Aunty M and Uncle S and his cousins Freya and Rors. He doesn't know quite what to make of it!

Birthday tricycle....

Raf loves to play with the magnets on the fridge whilst I'm cooking, so we bought him some magnets which he loves to try and eat.

A tired Raf :)


  1. love all the pics but that last one is so funny. what a lovely day for all of you! Have fun with the trike. I recall Zoey constantly jackknifing hers until she learnt to steer so that when we were in a hurry I would tip it up at the front ever so slightly so her steering had no impact on speed lol. Mean, aren't I? I also ended up with one sore bicep!

  2. He is so beautiful. It is possible that I'm falling for this little boy from far away, along the Eastern seaboard.

  3. What a lovely day! How nice! The pix are adorable (love the hat, especially). And I think it's so special that you sang to him at 4:18.

    On Sage's birthday, if we are awake at 6:03 a.m., I always try to mark it in some way. Usually I'm a bit groggy, though. :-)

    xoxox Happy Birthday, Raf!

  4. Beautiful pictures and wonderful way to celebrate Raf boy's birthday :) I am sure Raf has enjoyed the day to the fullest. Loved his birthday cap :) Happy 1st Birthday baby :)